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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-18
Summer waste their hydrate prevention is the first event, each big brand to compete for the market is more ingenious methods, have launched their own main moisturizing skin care products, to meet the current needs of the girls. On the market's best-selling hydrating to protect skin to taste is numerous, how to guarantee the quality of the filling water to protect skin to taste? Ensure its brand to stand out? First of all, is how to find a qualified cosmetic processing factory?
to cosmetics factory processing plants, we need to pay attention to is the guarantee of the brand, then the product ingredients and recipes.
here is a cosmetics factory factory we have one of patented products: ginseng water live cream and its preparation method and contains the lipstick.
the effect of fresh ginseng beauty to raise colour, wrinkles, whitening is the secret of ginseng farming for hundreds of years! In today's world the new trend in the development of beauty products is a return to nature, non-toxic natural requirement as far as possible choose nature nutrients as raw materials, to reduce the side effects of chemicals on the skin, prevent skin chronic poisoning, even arise. Many Chinese herbal medicine in the motherland medicine treasure, can reduce skin keratinization, pigmentation, prevent sebaceous glands function loss, enhance skin elasticity, is the natural beauty, ginseng is the representative.
the ginseng of constant element calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, trace elements iron, copper, zinc, manganese, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, can adjust the balance of skin moisture, prevent skin dehydration, increase skin elasticity, helps keep skin soft and silky smooth, reduce skin wrinkles. Ginseng active substances could inhibit the reduction of skin melanin, keep skin white and smooth.
scientific research shows that ginseng extract can be absorbed by skin, slow and no undesirable stimulation to the skin, can expand the skin blood capillary, promotes the skin blood circulation, improve skin nutrition, prevent skin dehydration, hardening, wrinkling, thereby enhancing the flexibility of skin, make the cell was born, to protect the skin smooth and moist, prevent premature aging, have hairdressing effect.
the following research of new products for cosmetics factory processing factory, welcome to factory inspection and playing board.
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