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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Today, cosmetics factory processing plants for our VIP & ndash; — From jinan shandong vinegar LiuXiang agricultural science and technology co. , LTD. , zhang, zhang company mainly manages the seabuckthorn series products, such as the seabuckthorn tea, seabuckthorn wine such as green health food. As the now cosmetics giant market exploration and has a broad prospect, a general in the field, after further communication with our boss and business manager, pretty sure our r&d team of technology, especially as we plant research and development center, and the application & other Sea buckthorn fruit in the application of moisture resistance to failure to protect skin to taste & throughout; Related patent, zhang always resolutely decided to cosmetics factory processing factory cooperation!

seabuckthorn Japan called & other; Longevity fruit & throughout; , Russia called & other; The second ginseng & throughout; , the United States called & other; Throughout life energy &; , India called & other; God throughout fruit &; , seabuckthorn fruit vitamin C content is very high, the Chinese called & other; The fruit & throughout; 、“ The king of vitamin C & throughout; 。
seabuckthorn is currently contains natural vitamin kind in the world the most precious economic forest tree species. Seabuckthorn roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, especially seabuckthorn fruits contain rich nutrients and bioactive substances, seabuckthorn fruit in addition to the table, can also be processed into juice, fruit wine, jam, preserved fruit, jelly, beverage, health care products, etc.

seabuckthorn healthcare value: seabuckthorn fruit nutrition is rich, the vitamin C content is high, every 100 grams of fruit juice, vitamin C can reach 825 & ndash; 1100 mg, is kiwi 2 & ndash; Three times, so have & other; The king of vitamin C & throughout; The laudatory name. In addition, sea buckthorn fruit sugar in 7. 5% - 10%, 3% acid & ndash; 5%. Seabuckthorn leaves contain protein 15. 75%, crude fat, 9. 48%, crude fiber, 14. 04%, nitrogen free extract 54. 84%, made of hippophae rhamnosides can health care. Seabuckthorn oil contains 206 kinds of active substances beneficial to human body, contain large amounts of vitamin E, vitamin A, such as flavonoids, fatigue resistance and enhance the vitality and special pharmacological properties such as anticancer, and promote wound healing.

why sea buckthorn fruit can be used in cosmetics? Next, small make up to introduce emphatically seabuckthorn beauty value.

seabuckthorn is plays A main role in the beauty of seabuckthorn oil, seabuckthorn oil contains A large number of vitamin E, vitamin A, flavonoids and SOD activity ingredients can effectively remove free radicals to achieve the effect of anti-aging, extraction with advanced technology of cosmetics level seabuckthorn oil is very high purity, activity, can be used as A high-end cosmetics raw materials.

the high temperature of sea buckthorn fruit extract & ndash; — Shenshuaiguo, compared to common technical extraction plant essence, has a more rich nutrition skin care ingredients, contains a variety of vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, VE and other nutrients, temperature and extraction of sea buckthorn fruit grain of SOD content can be up to 5623 per milliliter. Zero enzyme unit, its content is 6 times of ginseng, it can block due to the material from the skin of free radicals, peroxide to prevent premature aging of skin, repair damaged cells, promote tissue regeneration and epithelial tissue healing. Shenshuaiguo with directional osmosis, absorbed by skin quickly, can be directed against the acne propionic acid bacillus, inhibit the infection, repair damaged skin, normal skin update, and circulatory system.

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