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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-20
Permanent makeup is a new trend for women who want to save time and energy on makeup.
Here we present the procedures for this new trend, the effects on the body and the benefits.
Is there a day when you forget to apply regular eyeliner and other cosmetics and your friend asks you that you are not feeling well?
The people around us are used to makeup and when we don\'t, they can actually notice that.
But sometimes we don\'t want to make up on some days, obviously, because we feel lazy, not in the mood, or late for work, the time is running out.
In those days, women wanted themselves to have a magic wand so they could make up and rush to work in a second.
For all women who have such a dream, there is a solution that is half
Permanent makeup.
Procedure half
Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure by which a permanent pigment consisting of inorganic minerals is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin through surgery.
The implanted pigment stays there for up to five years and, unlike other cosmetics, cannot be cleaned with water.
Some fading of the color may occur over time, this color needs to be applied again, but there is no color fading for about a year.
The operation was almost painful. free;
Apply an anesthetic cream in the area to be treated to minimize pain.
After treatment, there may be some inflammation and redness, which will disappear by itself within a week.
To keep the look, touch
Ups may be required every year, and cosmetic surgeons will issue certain guidelines that must be followed religiously to prevent color fading and to make treatment lastinglasting.
Through this treatment, eye makeup, including upper and lower eyeliner, the shaping and fullness of eyebrows, and the enhancement of eyelashes.
Other treatments include shaping the lips, lip lines, full lip color, removing spots, burn marks, skin freckles, hair loss camouflage, Areola after breast cancer treatment, and vitiligo camouflage.
Half welfare
Permanent makeup is good for women.
It saves time for makeup every day.
It can save money because beauty products do not need to be purchased from time to time.
Also, it doesn\'t need to be re-
No contact application during the day-ups are needed.
Some special circumstances, such as women who lose their eyebrows or hair on eyelashes due to cancer treatment or hair loss, can choose this method to correct the situation.
Women who suffer from chemical allergies due to cosmetics, or who are unable to apply traditional cosmetics due to impaired vision or physical disability, can switch to this operation.
Not to mention, women who work in sports, movies, or models can also benefit a lot from this process.
This cosmetic is considered completely safe because it is chemical
Free and hypoallergenic.
Nevertheless, in order to be safer, an allergy test should be done before such an operation is performed.
So it\'s a dream come true for all those women who want to enhance their natural features and save themselves from their daily makeup.
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