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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-26
Cosmetics production and processing will see 105 work specification, cosmetics production and processing factories will find whether this factory through 105 flight check. Cosmetic inspection and are being inspected 105 standard unified execution.

cosmetics factory production factory training 105 specification

article 105 production standard training, in order to better service everybody, ensure the quality of good production, every detail perfectly, cosmetics factory production and processing manufacturers strive to do better! Good service every customer!

cosmetics factory production factory employees work actively to perform 105 specification

engaged in cosmetics production, shall meet the following conditions:

( A) Have and the production of cosmetics varieties adapted to production sites, environmental conditions, production facilities;

( 2) Have adapted to cosmetics production and technical personnel;

( 3) Have the quality inspection of production of cosmetics inspection personnel and equipment;

( 4) Ensure the quality of cosmetic safety management system;

( 5) In accordance with national industrial policy rules.

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