Science and epidemic prevention, cosmetics factory factory safety starts!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Unity is strength, science and epidemic prevention, cosmetics factory has been in action. On February 20th, cosmetics factory factory official blew in order to return to work and production & other Assembly & throughout; ! Safety starts!

1。 Outbreak, delay the work, the employee's safety is more important!
to return to work before, has prepared a comprehensive cosmetics factory, during the Chinese New Year ago every day in the group report to each employee's health, to ensure that care to every employee, was originally a February 3 work, for the country's come on, don't bother for countries, autonomous delay start, encouraging staff to stay at home and pay attention to the protection measures.

2。 Responsible for the country, responsible for the customer, responsible for employees'
cosmetics factory take active prevention measures, using the network contact work, cancel the company collective activity, as far as possible, security and epidemic prevention and health of employees in the company. To protection the outbreak, the company twice a day and measuring temperature for staff to use alcohol disinfection, rival employees wear masks change once every half a day, the company twice a day for office building, public areas, toilet, dustbin, dining room, in and out of the mouth, warehouses, each department office, workshop in the area of public area such as disinfection.
(1) set up a temperature measuring point, set up special masks the trash
2. Hundreds of comprehensive cleaning production workshop, from the source to ensure the quality of the products

(3) separate masks, ensure that all employees to work wearing masks
(4) comprehensive register baiyun safe and healthy every day report
5. Set up isolated point
6. All office area thoroughly disinfected
7) all the dormitory areas thoroughly disinfected
eat every 1 per person. 5 m, do each table

cosmetics factory are ready to fully prepared, you can rest assured and we cooperate, cosmetics factory can give to the products definitely meet expectations.



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