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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-18
Fashion Women in Paris, France, May 25, 2006 do not wear makeup.
At least they pretend not.
Their goal is to glow with invisible pores and highly polished skin.
French women say too much makeup makes women look older or worse, as if she were making a living on the street.
\"It really surprised me by the way American women make-up,\" said Laura Mesel, French creator of the cosmetics and skincare collection that lives in New York.
\"In the United States, even girls in their teens are tooup.
When you do too much
The message you send out is that you are too sexy and you want someone to see you to attract men.
In contrast, Ms.
\"French women are not flashy,\" Mercier said.
They must be subtle.
\"I spent a few hours looking pretty on my face.
\"Michel fetusi, a columnist for Elle magazine, one of France\'s leading social commentators, described the painting --
Many American women like dolls and have the word \"vulgaire \".
\"Of course, whatever the theme is, the French are happy to define themselves as those who oppose the United States --
Food, wine, diplomacy, and even beauty.
But this attitude is complicated.
A mixture of saranism and glamour, perhaps with a hint of jealousy.
Even if Americans criticize and dismiss them, the French admire them.
The most recent issue of the ad, France Elle, made fun of the \"too many\" look of what it called \"California Beauties\", which was shown by a model wearing a shocking pink shirt, bike shorts, orange printed scarf, mirror sunglasses, Louis Vuitton handbag and gorgeous gold High
High heel sandals, earrings, necklaces, chain straps, bracelets and rings.
The French say Nicole Ricky and Britney Spears look a bit overkill.
Madonna is considered to be a hard person so she is forgiven
Smart businesswoman, the spirit of freedom.
Jennifer Lopez doesn\'t count because she is Hispanic and therefore more culturally exotic.
However, this contempt is not for specific women, but for excessive attention in general.
This season, France is more popular than ever with a non-decorative look.
Express Weekly called it \"no makeup \".
Elle, France, described it as \"Le bare face\" this month, defined as \"nude skin, flashing slightly.
\"For women in France,made-
Up look represents something more profound than simple skin care.
This is also a sign of the desperate type of housewives who have worked too hard.
\"The most beautiful makeup for women is passion\" is the famous saying of designer Yves Saint Laurent.
But cosmetics are easier to buy.
In fact, the first \"beauty Cafe\" in Paris is talking about respect, not change.
Two hours of the last four nights, the Columbus Cafe
Rival Starbucks
Transform the second floor of the store near the Bastille into a place where women learn skin care for free.
\"Today, beauty is more than just something on the surface,\" Sandra Renzi, a beautician at Darphin\'s skincare line, gave a lecture to women on coffee and Perrier one night.
\"It also comes from inside.
Essential oils containing tiny molecules that penetrate the skin must come first.
\"At another meeting, Sylvie Dutour, beautician at Bourjois line, revealed how important it is to respect eyebrow thread and lipstick --
If the eyes are covered by shadows and covered by colors, you can breathe freely.
Even for Olivia Holler, 22year-
The old nurse who thinks he is a makeup fanatic, the Americans do too much.
\"American girls worship the worship of \'ideal woman\',\" she said.
\"No part of the face seems to be forgotten.
When you put too much makeup on, it means you\'re running away from yourself.
A 2004 survey by market research firm Mintel showed that 64% of American women said they sometimes use the foundation, compared with 47% of French women;
81% of Americans use lipstick, compared with 70% of French women and 59% of Americans use blush, which is 43%.
Du Jie\'s image of \"Le no makeup\" is Audrey Tao\'s head.
This month a woman appeared on the cover of Elle, France.
The 29-year-old Tao TOU is the star of The Da Vinci Code and has no jewelry or any visible makeup except for a slight tone on the lips.
Even her beautiful marks were not brushed off.
In the magazine, a complete
She wore a curly black wig with black eyes and a red satin cocktail dress with the words \"the fiancee of Frankenstein \".
\"French actresses Juliet benosh and Natalie Beyer often appear in magazines to embrace the natural look.
Politically, Socialist MP Sé golène Royal is busy luring the country, in part because of her grass --
The style of the root, the bright smile, the freshfaced look.
In some polls in next year\'s presidential election, she is ahead of the competition.
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The 52-year-old royal is portrayed as a young politician who barely wears makeup or brushes her shoulders --
Long hair often.
When she straightened her upper teeth last year, the Daily Mail labeled it the UNFrench act.
\"The favorite socialist of the French people is now given the smile of the United States . \"
This may be because French women still lag far behind Americans in cosmetic surgery and various injections, making them look less flawed (
Although they are catching up).
Catherine denaf, for example, her apparent facial expressions and painted faces are sometimes seen as objects of sympathy. Ms.
The 62-year-old Deneuve is a cold and beautiful star in \"Belle de Jour\" who was once considered so perfect that she was named \"Marianne\" of France, which is
Her face was named the face of the MAC\'s iconic cosmetics collection in 1970s.
She admitted that she would make up even when gardening.
\"Poor Catherine,\" said Terry de guntsburg, creator of Terry\'s makeup line.
\"She\'s got herself hooked on Dorian Gray\'s syndrome, a syndrome that\'s always young. It\'s sad.
\"In general, French women like to portray themselves as people who are more balanced than Americans, who prefer to pamper themselves, and who prefer to have fun in their daily rituals.
In the most extreme cases, the United States is regarded as a young man.
Obsession, one-time, fast
In this culture, women are more likely to look young and completely \"complete \".
\"According to this view, sex must be subtle.
\"There is always a rapport with erotic, but it is hidden,\" Ms. Fitoussi said.
\"The Mystery of French love, the game of temptation.
That\'s why we respect perfumes and why underwear is so important. \"(
A 2003 survey showed that 87% of French men and women thought underwear was an important part of their lives. )For Ms.
Fitoussi with glasses and small makeup, this is all about the choice. Made-
The upper eyes mean applying neutral lipstick.
The red lipstick is black.
\"Makeup can make you date,\" she said . \"\"Like a tree.
On the contrary, French women spend more time on advertising to pursue perfection and flaws. free skin.
If there is obsession, it is the tight pores.
Even regular French women are more likely to receive treatment at a spa or clinic than American women who scrub, Polish, buff, massage and apply their skin.
The French government is an accomplice.
Any woman who claims to have a medical diagnosis of skin disease, from eczema to acne, can receive a strict \"hot cure\" at the spa in France every year \".
French taxpayers are responsible for up to 65% of the cost.
Not everyone agrees. if the French emphasize restraint, they will become fashionable and beautiful women.
\"In France, women think they know themselves better than others . \"
He said.
\"Have a self
Enough, an attitude of \"I don\'t care what you tell me.
\"Tell me who is very fashionable in France?
For example.
Women here don\'t work hard.
Meanwhile, the French
Who makes their faces shiny and smooth more often)
They will soon say that they do not like women whose skin tones rub on their clothes, or women who look like they apply their lips with colored Vaseline.
The mood is not fresh.
The narrator of Marcel Proust\'s 1927 novel, time again, makes Gilbert, who is apparently painted and powdered, a little pathetic.
\"I felt that, despite myself, I was staring at her curiously and wondering what exactly had changed for her,\" the narrator said . \".
\"However, despite all the precautions she took, this curiosity was quickly satisfied when she rubbed her nose.
From all the colors left on the handkerchief, I saw that she was completely handmade --up.
\"A version of this article appears on the print on page G1 of The New York edition with the title: No makeup
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