rosacea: my skin care routine & makeup reviews

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-15
I have been eating it for 10 years.
It is difficult to find products that can inhibit inflammation and redness.
I spent over $200 on skincare products like cleaning, moisturizer and green cosmetics.
Trust me, I\'m not proud of how much I \'ve spent, but I\'m determined to find something useful for my skin.
Do you think I\'m familiar with the situation?
You may have spent as much money as I have, or you are about to spend.
I think I will share my skincare routine and cosmetic reviews that I have tried.
It is a skin condition that most people can\'t stand.
Your skin is very dry, very sensitive to this skin condition and easily stimulated.
I want to tell this to people thousands of times, don\'t touch your face.
Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible.
Rubbing your face and touching it can cause bacteria to enter your pores, which can lead to acne.
Touch it and your face gets annoyed too.
In my skin care program I used ultra-slim cloth, Beauty Mixer and cotton towels.
This is what you need.
If you like makeup more than I do, you can use a makeup brush and other things you may need.
Find makeup brushes or items that don\'t irritate your skin.
Certain substances cause inflammation of the skin.
These items will also get dirty over time and carry bacteria that will make your face worse than it is now.
Make sure these items are cleaned correctly to make sure they are free of bacteria.
Keep your hands clean!
I know it\'s hard not to touch your face, but if you do, you have to make sure your hands are clean and clean.
Find an antibacterial hand sanitizer
Sorry if your skin is sensitive to perfume, but you may need to give up the scent hand sanitizer you really like.
Also, use the nail washer.
When you touch your face, the bacteria gather under our nails and the bacteria spread to your face.
Nevertheless, let me continue to explain how I deal with this terrible skin condition.
Step 1: I always use the same soap for shower time.
I tried changing it once and it really annoyed my skin and it took about three months to heal.
I used elanchun soap with aloe vera in it.
If it is aloe, I will use the original one.
I shave and clean with this soap.
Since my skin will look like measles, I will not use the shaving cream or shower gel.
It doesn\'t matter what type or brand I try.
I grew up using this type of soap and I tried changing it a few times but it never worked.
I always had to go back and use this soap so I finally gave up and stuck with it.
You can try this soap or stick it with the soap you keep.
I notice using warm water when you take a shower or shower.
Hot water can take away the natural oils in the skin and cause the skin to dry and angry.
Step 2: face cleaning I have tried so many facial cleaners that it drives me crazy.
In fact, I wrote down a list of cleansers I \'ve tried so I don\'t buy the same anymore.
I also wrote down how my skin reacts to it.
I used every cleanser for two weeks or more.
The 80% skin I \'ve tried will sting me and get worse.
My redness is also aggravated.
These cleaners also dry my skin.
I used a micro-fiber cleaning cloth.
It prevents me from touching my face and also helps to reduce irritation.
I also wiped the facial cleanser gently with a cloth.
Warm water seems to be the trick to keep it red.
What I have been relying on is Bert\'s bee sensitive skin cleanser.
Cold cream cleanser is the type of cleanser you would like to find.
I noticed that other cleaners would cause my skin to dry and the redness would get worse.
If I do find a magical cleanser, I will keep you updated at any time.
Step 3: Moisturize and have so many moisturizers.
I have lost the idea of looking for a good moisturizer.
One day I scroll on YouTube and found a product review.
The woman said she had been having a scudgy for years and she finally found something.
She is from the UK so I automatically think I have to order this product online.
I searched the product on Amazon and found it.
Called E45 cream.
I found it there for $5. 00.
I ordered it immediately and I use it right away as soon as it gets the mail.
I used it for about four weeks and I noticed a big difference.
The Bloodshot has faded a lot. I\'m really surprised.
I decided to keep looking for items online in the UK as I might not have thought of \"outside the box \".
I found another product called Dermalex.
They have one specifically for the sake of the scrumpus and even one for acne.
I ordered that too.
I applied it first before applying E45 cream and so far I was impressed.
I have been using it for four weeks.
I applied in the morning and after work.
Of course, after the shower, the red color was greatly diluted.
Step 4: it is never ending to make up for this situation.
I have tried Foundation, BB cream, CC Cream, liquid foundation and cream foundation.
I have also tried both the cover cream and the colored moisturizer.
It\'s hard for me to make up anyway.
I am just a simple normal person and just want to apply for a project and complete it.
I don\'t need more than 10 minutes to make up.
I use Non before I forget
Remove the scent of my makeup baby wipes.
The makeup towel has chemicals that make my face worse than it is now.
Makeup based on green or yellow is the type you want to find.
Cosmetics for moisturizing and SPF are the first choice.
I like the NYX CC cream.
Green/medium tone.
It was perfect for my face before they stopped.
It broke my heart and I was very angry and left a lot of angry comments on them.
For those with very fair skin, mix your moisturizer with your foundation a bit.
This can make the color of the foundation light.
The chart below does not show everything I have tried, just some of them.
I really hope you can find the product that best suits your skin.
I also hope I can help you find these products.
Be careful, you may spend a lot of money finding these products, but it will be worth it in the long run. Good luck.
Please don\'t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions.
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