Processing plants, cosmetics factories lipstick bubble out of lipstick, have you ever played?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Early years ago, the beauty on the BBS circulated a crazy & other; Hairdressing secret recipe & throughout; That & other; Use of aspirin effervescent tablets of homemade lipstick, can whitening, let pore and can diminish inflammation, has certain inhibitory effect of blain blain on the face & throughout; 。 According to lipstick cosmetics factory factory engineer experts said use of aspirin effervescent tablets is have certain effect in the short term, but the long-term use of will to give the normal metabolism of liver and kidney burden.

although the hairdressing secret recipe is not very safe, but the pace of innovation skin care products didn't stop! Lipstick cosmetics factory processing plants in the aspirin effervescent tablets to an inspiration, after years of research and experimentation, finally produced an intumescent lipstick. Intumescent lipstick, novelty, fashion, fun and easy, the key is very convenient.

at DIY dry day is meimei dalai

1, with open blisters open, forming the lipstick is filled with water, apply on the face are flexible water
2, lipstick is not easy to break, break, convenient to use the
3, natural, gentle, and no stimulation, apply on the face very comfortable, sensitive skin to also say good
4, feel soft, bubble out of lipstick on the face is very cool and refreshing, comfortable, can according to their own need to add the fruit juice, fruit, milk and so on, relieve skin, make skin more water embellish.

many lipstick big contrast

cream lipstick effect as late frost, texture and similar skin cream, apply after wipe clean can. Frost body nutrition adequately, texture is soft and fine. Moist degree is high, fall and winter use for good, not suitable for use in summer, otherwise easy to plug the pores, causing skin problems

silk lipstick lipstick of natural silk structure are very similar with human skin, the film has made human & other; The second skin & throughout; The laudatory name. Silk lipstick itself has the excellent efficacy, but must depend on the essence of the added to bring out the best in each other, if inferior lipstick essence, skin & other; Eat & throughout; To is harmful chemical composition, damage to the skin

intumescent lipstick using similar disruption with VC intumescent principle, combined with water can make it a glittering and translucent get rid of. Texture soft, natural lipstick water embellish smooth.
can DIY by oneself, choose to fit your fruits and vegetables into a membrane, and can choose unilaterally lipstick is made, the operation is simple, convenient and save money, save trouble can meet the demand of the skin natural targeted no stimulation.

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