Processing cosmetics, men's care products has become a inevitable trend class the most cleansing 'go'

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Cosmetics factory plants according to the research in network data analysis, men care products are rapidly developing in recent years.

learned man care products sell like hot cakes has become an inevitable trend, although only man supplies, but will still be the 369, etc, in the process of men's care products sales, cleansing products most popular with the masses of men, time & other; Cleansing & throughout; Became men care & other; Darling & throughout; 。

consultation, according to data from Wayne Tmall and taobao men's personal care products in June clinch a deal amount of 31. 28 million yuan, 30. 61 million yuan respectively, younger consumer groups, 24 years old and under the male shoppers accounted for more than 38. 14%.

select categories men occupy half facial cleaning, Tmall and taobao turnover of 17. 87 million yuan and 6. 86 million yuan respectively. Secondly for lipstick, the man lotion/cream. Brand choice in traditional channel l 'oreal Paris, for the most, followed by taobao card jewell, it in 347. 10000 yuan won the Tmall cleansing crown.

man cosmetics & other; Xiao-he only expenses furore & throughout; , to cultivate the market. Taobao buyers than Tmall, turnover is 650000 yuan and 520000 yuan only. Taobao, Tmall) Powdery cake, 24 years old and under the choose and buy men accounted for more than 67. 95%.

the available, 90, 00 after young city boy like makeup of choose and buy on the net, because men pore is bulky, strong hiding power of powdery cake, the man make-up BB cream suit and men will be preferred.
men's cosmetics market potential is very big still, friends need cosmetics generation process consider to do male skin care products, this is also a new way of thinking.

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