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Principles of Eyeshadow Painting

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

In the entire makeup look, eye makeup is very important, if the eye makeup is not well painted, it may affect the makeup feel! Eye shadow is important in eye makeup. Eye shadow is used to make up around the eyes to give it a three-dimensional effect with color and shadow. Generally speaking, the role of eye shadow is to give the eyes a three-dimensional effect, and to make the eyes more tension through color. So let's take a look together, what skills should be paid attention to when painting eyeshadow!

1. Do not apply too much lotion or eye cream on the eyelids when taking care of makeup before makeup. Sticky eyelids will cause makeup removal and eye shadows will not show color easily.

2. If today's makeup is to emphasize eye makeup (ex: smoky makeup), it is recommended to paint eye makeup first and then base makeup. First, it can save time, and second, it can prevent eye shadow powder from being scattered on the finished makeup. on. In addition, first apply eye shadow and then mascara to avoid the eye shadow powder from falling on the eyelashes and increase the trouble of cleaning.

3. When using dark eyeshadow, clean up while painting. If you wait until makeup is finished and then clean up, it will accumulate too much to save. When cleaning, use a cotton swab to gently roll the part where the remaining powder falls off. If it is more serious, use the liquid foundation to directly brush it up.

4. Open your eyes in the head-up mirror before applying eye makeup. Do not lower your head or raise your chin. Only by heading up can you accurately grasp the position of the eye shadow to be extended.

5. Where should the eyeshadow be painted? Novices can take a long ruler diagonally from the nose to the corner of the eye, and then they can grab the diagonal line from the corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. That is the range of the eye shadow. If the color exceeds this line, the eyes will look drooping. (After drawing for a long time, you can naturally master this line.)

6. Blooming is always important! Don't let the color connect to the fault, and draw the eyeliner also to smudge, so that the line will not be too stiff.

7. After the eyeshadow brush is applied to the eyeshadow, the end of the bristles will be attached to the eyeshadow powder, so you must write from the roots of the eyelashes to ensure that the color of the roots of the eyelashes is always dark, which can make the eyelashes look thicker. The important thing is that you must use the method of pressing to color, not using the sweep.

8. Because the color of a stroke after dipping the eyeshadow will be darker, so you can't start from the eye.

9. If you want to strengthen the contour of the eye socket, you can draw a dark eye shadow on the fold line of the double eyelid, in a half moon shape.

10. The green that everyone is afraid of actually matches the dark brown eyeballs of Asians, and our eyelids have enough space to express beautiful colors. Why not try various colors boldly?

Everyone's eye shape is different, beautiful big eyes, innocent drooping eyes, ultra-characterized Danfeng eyes... Whether you like it or not, drawing a fascinating and suitable eyeliner is the key point, regardless of which eye shape is suitable for which eyeliner (After all, you have to try and compare yourself to be sure, not every painting method can be applied), based on the experience of multiple makeup artists in drawing eyeliner, the following 5 tips are common for various eye shapes.

1. If you want to draw a good eyeliner, you must first choose an easy-to-use eyeliner. When trying it on your hand, choose an eyeliner that can be colored and developed by lightly drawing. If you have to draw evenly on your hand to saturate it, then drawing on the eyelid will easily pull and damage the eye skin.

2. Choose liquid eyeliner, don’t just draw a straight line test, draw an S-shape on your hand, draw a circle, and a random ghost drawing at the end, so that you can test the thick and thin lines and colors drawn from different angles, if it will be bifurcated, the color is dark Don't think about it if it's shallow.

3. If you want to try a gel-like eyeliner, choose an eyeliner pen. The dip-type eyeliner requires skill to handle, and the brush needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will cause the eyelashes to fall off.

4. Choose the matte texture of the eyeliner. The eyeliner with sequins or pearlescent effect is easy to cause reflection, which will not only interfere with the makeup feeling or even vulgar.

5. It is easy to draw eyeliner. For people with different heights of eyes, you can look at the mirror to find the two parallel points between the front and the end of the eye before drawing, tap the eyeliner to make a mark and then start the connection.
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