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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Cosmetics cosmetics factory is a large-scale processing plants, has a modern production equipment, GNP production workshop, first-class ERP enterprise management system. Covers an area of nearly tens of thousands of square meters of garden-like factory, the factory has passed the European ISO22716 quality management system certification, has the core technology research and development and high-quality professional talent team, and has 20 years of research and development, production, sales and service experience, success for many famous enterprises at home and abroad planning, production and has jade beauty and become beautiful home brand sales experience.

as the growing cosmetics processing industry, the cosmetics brand more and more, to reduce the burden of the production of all brands, cosmetics OEM, ODM processing arises spontaneously, in order to meet the needs of production, cosmetics factory are numerous, but through the national GMP standard enterprise it is said that only a few hundred. And part of the acceptance criteria of GMPC about dust-free workshop requirements, so, dust-free workshop is what kind of facilities and GMPC10 level and on behalf of what? Through the FDA - GMPC cosmetics factory comply to the highest dust-free workshop workshop certification to tell you.

what is dust-free workshop?

dust-free workshop, refers to the space must be within the scope of the particles in the air, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, static control within the scope of a certain demand, and the special design of the room. That is no matter how the outside air conditions change, its indoor all one can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure performance characteristic.

100000 mean?

GMPC dust-free workshop is cleanliness to GMPC requirements of workshop, the so-called 100000 level refers to a foot of space allows the existence of 0. The number of 5 micron dust particles within the 100000, and so on, refers to a level 300000 feet of space allows the existence of 0. 5 within 300000 microns of dust particles.

cosmetics factory factory partner

to be able to get in long-term cooperation with many cosmetics brands, cosmetics factory feel honored, it is proved that the strength of cosmetics factory processing plants, considerable reputation in the industry, only received the affirmation of numerous customers and is willing to long-term cooperation with cosmetics factory.

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