plastic-free soap, shampoo and makeup: how 2 p.e.i. businesses are making changes

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We are discussing why we need to clean up our behavior.
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Businesses are making the choice to move from single packaging to single packaginguse plastic.
Molly and Stephen McGrath have been running Southbank soap on old Tryon Road in desabble since 2016.
When they decided to open a retail store in nearby Crapaud this spring, they also decided to make a conscious effort to eliminate as much plastic packaging as possible.
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In order to reduce the single water stop, the school changed to water stop.
Use rubber waves that turn waste into treasure. E. I.
More and more people realize the importance of plastic free choice, one of the biggest challenges of price difference is how to package plastic hose.
\"Lipstick is a huge concern for me because there are so many small tubes that have just been thrown away,\" said Molly McGrath . \".
\"Changing to tin or cardboard can allow me to refill or make a product recyclable.
\"But she soon knew that in some cases it would cost more to try to change the plastic package.
\"Plastic lipstick tubesfor 25 cents, for example, cardboard for more than two dollars each,\" McGrath said . \".
So it\'s important.
\"She wants customers to be willing to pay more for greener packaging.
\"I may lose some people because of the cost, but at the same time I am doing the right thing,\" McGrath said . \".
\"Every point is important.
I think it\'s right for my future business to be a bit greener.
\"The wave of change. E. I.
Enterprises, public buildings are encouraged to provide water Islanders free of charge to solve the problem of plastic waste at the \"wave of change\" public forum. Shrink mcgrath has also changed the way she packs goat milk soap, some of which are custom made
For tourist accommodation.
\"Last year, we did a lot of where they wanted on plastic shrink packaging and were willing to pay a little extra for those places,\" McGrath said . \".
\"But we don\'t offer this anymore because we are moving away from any plastic.
\"Instead, the soap will now be packed with a piece of paper and a paper strip.
For stores that want to cover the product, she has a local company that produces a range of Kraft boxes from the card Library.
Unlike lip balm, she says the price of soap packaging is quite low and popular.
\"If you\'re on the market, all the soap is on --
We have been doing this for years.
\"You have a lot,\" McGrath said . \".
\"We tried a separate paper bag and the feedback was great because they were fully packed and there was no plastic trash.
McGrath admitted that the South Bank soap did not completely eliminate the plastic.
\"Do better\", they still have to use plastic when they ship liquid soap products in Canada or the USS.
Because it\'s not safe to transport glass, she said.
But she hopes to continue removing as much plastic as possible.
\"I hope this will be the norm,\" McGrath said . \".
\"I hope this will be what everyone is after.
That\'s the cost, and we do a better thing by eliminating plastic.
\"The Plantable packagingLuxe luxury beauty bar in the heart of Charlottetown is also trying to get rid of plastic packaging.
There is a cosmetics called Elate in the store, which is made in Victoria. C.
Packed in bamboo and glass.
Makeup is in a tin pan that can be inserted into the bamboo contract.
The cans are packed in paper with seeds inside and can then be planted.
The filling jar from Jenna Thompson, owner of the SoapStore, said the price of cosmetics was \"comparable\" to the pharmacy product, but there was no plastic packaging and waste.
And a row of liquid hair --
Care products from Graydon.
\"You come in and bring in your old shampoo or conditioner bottle, and we can refill it, weigh it in an ounce and charge an ounce,\" Thompson said . \".
\"Or you can come in and we can give you a Mason jar.
She said: \"This price is comparable to a professional product in a hair salon.
Planning to expand with more products \"The good thing about it is that you don\'t handle the packaging you throw away at the end of the month or two, and it\'s all green beauty, Thompson said:\" It\'s not toxic, this is an added benefit. \".
Thompson said that the beauty industry around the world has produced a lot of plastic waste, so she hopes to continue to make changes.
\"No matter where it is, there will be a big difference in refilling cans with towels instead of paper,\" Thompson said . \".
\"We start with this and we will introduce more products in the option of repeatable filling.
\"Read more stories from CBC\'s wave of change project to discuss how we can reduce plastic pollution in our facebook team. Do you have story ideas or feedback?
Email us: wave sofchange @ cbc.
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