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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-27
Cosmetics factory plant extract cosmetics factory is a professional research and development of natural plant production, has 20 years of experience in plant extraction, an expert in today to parse, cosmetics and processing, plant extract is how to use?

some cosmetics that is composed by the matrix materials ( Cosmetics must be raw material) , accessories materials ( Preservative, spice, etc. ) , reactive materials ( Raw material effect) 。 One plant extract mainly extraction of active ingredients, such as moisturizing ingredients, inhibit melanin composition, etc. According to the steps of division can be divided into extract - Separation - Identification.
plant extracts in plant medicine, health products, beverages, food additives, are widely used in daily necessities, cosmetics, in with the theme of the social beauty, this plant extracts in cosmetics prospects are considerable. Due to increase of the importance of health and health, and other Pure natural & throughout; Become the mainstream in recent years, because of its unique mechanism of Chinese herbal medicine and cosmetic effect has been widely used in skin care cosmetics, and is adopted by many domestic and foreign well-known cosmetics companies.
with huge market demand, skin care products manufacturing enterprises, the plant extract embedded in the product, the brand culture, the concept of production technology, on the one hand, promoted the development of the plant extraction technology, on the other hand to introduce various advantages of plant extract products to consumers, & other; Skin care & throughout; 、“ Pure natural & throughout; 、“ Beauty & health throughout; Skin care concept, such as by consumers gradually understanding and recognition, in turn, for plant extract and opened up a broader market space. At present each big famous brands of cosmetic in the figure of how much you can see some plant extracts and international famous brands have estee lauder, l 'oreal, olay, etc. And in other domestic brands are damned, bamboo extract, fangcao sets, etc.

cosmetics factory plant extraction processing plant for more than 20 years has been committed to pure plant series product research and development and production, each brand series products are continuously develop plants, also hired guangdong pharmaceutical university of Chinese herbal medicine research and Dr Dermatologist Dr Contact of the university of traditional Chinese medicine research and development, focus on providing customers with safe and effective natural green cosmetics.

cosmetics factory plant extraction factory can do far more than that, hope and more aspiring to create cosmetics brand. Cosmetics factory can give to the products definitely meet expectations.
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