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Peach blossom eye makeup look good? Peach blossom eye makeup tutorial

Peach blossom eye makeup look good? Peach blossom eye makeup tutorial


 Peach blossom eye makeup tutorial

In our daily life at ordinary times there are a lot of people will often make up, a lot of people still like to study different makeup brushwork, peach blossom makeup is now 

very popular a kind of makeup look, so the peach blossom eye makeup look good? Peach blossom eye makeup tutorial. Peach blossom eye makeup looks right shape.

Line four color pink eye shadow dish, immediately to valentine's day, simply to draw a super tender and chop guy eye makeup! The no use eyeliner to painting outside look line,

 but also directly with pink eye shadow stretched to do eye end shading and eyeliner, full face looked really special light special natural! Then eyelash also use eyelash creams, 

brown is daily a peach blossom makeup! 

Peach blossom eye makeup tutorial 

Step 1:with liquid eyebrow pencil draw an outline of the eyebrows, focused on the eyebrow end parts. To fill the gap between the eyebrows, and then gently apply a layer of dye cream eyebrow. 

Step 2:in the upper eyelid first widespread apply a layer of bead light color as eye base. 

Step 3:light brown to shallow with eyelid before 

step 4 1/2 red eye shadow besmear eyelid after 1/2, and shading color piece to nature. 

 Step 5 brown eyeliner in eye end draw a line, red eye shadow dizzy catch look line, on the outside on eyeliner. 

 Step 6 beige dots in the middle of the eyelids, lie silkworm 'with a pen before the lower eyelid 2/3. 

 Step 7 mascara brush on a layer of long paragraph, eyelashes thick enough or long can choose to wear the nature of false eyelash. 

 Step 8 below the eye pat back on the pink blush, create natural good color. 

 Step 9 with nasal shadow brush dab grooming powder coated on both sides of the bridge of the nose, a few times, edge shading nature. 

 Step 10 finally coated with moist pink lipstick, lip color deep sister before daub lipstick with foundation or concealer render. 

Complete figure how innocent peach blossom eye makeup diagram: a specific steps: 

Step 1: dip in with the gourd cotton take BB cream, push on the face, it will be more natural lifted. 

Step 2: use eyebrow pencil sketch out eyebrow, eyebrow is not a word, but is curved eyebrows. 

 Step 3: then use the eyebrow powder this head filled with good eyebrows, final reoccupy dye cream eyebrows eyebrow styling. 

 Step 4: use powdery cake on the face and gently pat, make facial makeup more durable. 

 Step 5: in the eye socket with a light brown eye shadow gently dizzy catch. 

 Step 6: first backing with pearl powder eye socket, and then painted the within the eye folds, with light brown eye end after aggravating. 

 With dark brown daub after within the eye folds, eye end between some of the shading until eye head, eye end also used nigger-brown 

more forward is more thin, see above, with pearl powder coated in lie silkworm location, eye shadow part with respect to ok. 

 Step 7: with red liquid eyeliner pen along eyelash painted eyeliner. 

 Step 8: must be along the eyelash root, new picture, can be represented paragraphs, it is ok to connect them finally. 

 Step 9: use eyelash besmear eyelash on the good and the lower lashes. 

 Step 10: use orange crayon lipstick painted lips, whole makeup with respect to ok. Pink peach peach blossom spring makeup makeup painting teaching is certainly to reflect, 

whole makeup face is given priority to with red pink color, with a little shyness, all show tender and lovely. Bending light eyebrows, not thick line, the gradient soft lips, a single 

cluster of false eyelash stick out fluffy texture. Peach blossom makeup painting tutorial

Step 1: choose to suit oneself skin evenly on face and neck, the fluid foundation highlights part of the daub on the cheek with a specular rod: the triangle, the bridge of the nose, forehead and chin, lip peak, 

can be used after wipe on finger out. 

 Step 2: in order not to destroy the bottom makeup gloss, in particularly easy to spend only calm makeup makeup oil, on both sides of the nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, near the hairline. 

 Step 3: with the highlights in the current highlights the position of shem painting again, burnish feels have level, be careful not to sweep back and forth, with rolling technique of the light pressure 

does not get bottom makeup flowers, like rubbed up. 

 Step 4: light eyebrows and a curved shape is ok, the color fill with eyebrow powder evenly, eyebrows and eyebrows are light, looks very gentle! 

 Step 5: a wide range of painting in the upper and lower eyelids, peach pink eye shadow under the eyelid range bigger than normal, then brush cheek is red can connect more overall makeup effect.

 Step 6: slant red brown eye shadow in the upper and lower eye end pressure the pressure, to deepen eye end let an eye look more deep. 

 Step 7: the pearl pink eye shadow painted on lie silkworm, have big lie silkworm eyes and MOE MOE. 

 Step 8: clip becomes warped eyelash, thin brush a layer of mascara, inside painted eyeliner. 

 Step 9: add lively feeling to eye makeup, eye end in a short period of purple eyeliner, should not be too exaggerated. 

 Step 10: in the middle of the eye position on several clusters of single bunch of false eyelash, than ordinary more natural, false eyelash eyelash to make fuzzy feeling. 

 Step 11: choose the coral orange lipstick, the mei red besmear again in the inside, complete with pink bite lips, can besmear again a transparent lip is sweet, it looks like water doodle. 

 Step 12: choose pink cheek is red brush in the current scope as shown in figure, connect with eye shadow, can brush a bit on the nose and chin appropriately, lovely feeling stronger. 

 This recruit peach peach blossom provoking love makeup is complete! The above three kinds of peach blossom makeup look is always a suitable for you, quickly began to draw up!                                                                            

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