Over thousands of disinfection products enterprise, founded in 2020, cosmetics factory contract new disinfectant sales and manufacturing

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-21
As of March 6, 2020, the national business scope including & other; Disinfection products & throughout; About thousands of enterprise, among them, 1121 business scope including & other; Disinfection products & throughout; The enterprise was founded in 2020. This is because, a few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the ministry yesterday jointly issued 'about give play to the role of government reserves to support outbreak response scarce goods production ZengGong notice. 'Notice' requirements, encourage enterprises to more protective measures and expansion of key medical supplies production and supply, the implementation of the epidemic focus medical supplies out government procurement purchase, strengthen local emergency supplies government purchases, support enterprises to expand the capacity of a timely halt production, improve the list of key support enterprise management system, strengthen the quality of the products and market supervision in accordance with the law. Cosmetics factory foundries like most patriotic companies respond to a nation's call to increase the sale of disinfectant and manufacturing. Legal provide society with disinfectant production, wholesale and sales. Accept quality entrusted processing disinfectant to customers.

new disinfectant sales and manufacturing cosmetics factory contract

cosmetics factory is a through the GMPC and ISO certification of high-tech enterprises, in 2019, ready to eliminate the size workshop, now outbreak, will spare no effort to support national cosmetics factory, new disinfection products business. Including formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, chlorine, copper sulfate, lime, such as ethanol production.

in addition to the disinfectant production sales, skincare cosmetics factory is a professional do the processing technology of manufacturer, has 20 years of experience. Is one of the few specialized research and development of natural plant as the main characteristics of plant processing factories, with plant development center and research laboratory, has 20 years of plant extract technology experts and professors on research and development, can meet various types of plants as active components of skin care products development.

for cosmetics OEM and odm, OEM business is also one of the best cosmetics factory. Only brand cosmetics factory contract has two, respectively is jade diet beauty and cosmetics factory. There are a series of product categories. Cosmetics factory for electricity, jade beauty salons, beauty spot is in collaboration with the French institute for brand, has been popular for almost 10 years in the beauty salon industry. Own formula also has more than 9000, are tested very stable effect. Cosmetics factory is a very technical background of cosmetics contract. Very welcome cosmetics generation processing requirements, disinfectant wholesale and processing requirements you consulting to contact us.
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