Outbreak of cosmetics development contract home

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
This several days of rain falling in the cosmetics factories cosmetics contract this month 10 customers, right, was almost every two days to a wave. About 2 - a wave 3 to customers, also can not hold up against the rain. Mostly in the form of their car, all the way to measuring temperature, needs to show passport, even if travel-stained, the state of the customers is still very good. Under the aegis of the masks and disinfectant, skin care products from right now.

outbreak seems to have brought great impact on many industry, raw material prices, express and logistics send and receive time is longer, difficult is a bit difficult, cosmetics factory contract might seem. This is because the company at the first day when I was ready to safety training, production is completely can ensure production, and can go beyond before, because this several days also new recruit employees.

original workshop level does workshop, clean is very strict, every employee in needs disinfection wearing a mask wear a hat to wear work clothes, disinfection absorption, through the air shower, the official start of the filling, have the feeling of a doctor, as long as the machine in motion, accounts have the funds to come in, life is still full of hope, cosmetic industry and so on.

cosmetics factory only do welcome in the market!
cosmetics factory only do let customer satisfaction!
the good faith is supreme, quality first!

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