OEM lipstick to charge probably how many?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-12-17

OEM lipstick to charge probably how many? Lipstick tiepai processing means of lipstick, lipstick is processed products of OEM brand and then printed on their own brand and OEM customers to do lipstick is very concerned about the price, want to spend a small amount of money to do a lot of things, generally speaking, the electrical goods brand processing lipstick to price ratio of demand is higher, generally choose production at a low price. For wechat business, high-end retail agents, beauty salon and other lipstick processing customers, the counterpart red attached great importance to quality.

according to the precise positioning of oneself to entrust the lipstick manufacturing enterprise production and manufacturing, first lipstick OEM manufacturers need very clear market positioning, product design is in line with the brand culture, etc. If you know with lipstick manufacturers actual requirements, after it can assessment lipstick probably need to how much processing fee.

1, clear lipstick OEM packaging cost, after all the cost of the branded produces different kinds of lipstick is different, according to different production of packaging materials, such as hydrating eye mask processing need aluminum foil bag, water emulsion, cream, lipstick is glass and acrylic bottle, cosmetics is needed this hose cushion material.

2, has been clear about the lipstick tiepai processing and the cost of the material body, materials used, since there are different kinds of lipstick like need to populate the eye shadow is applied, cleaning products will be discharge makeup water washing eyes, discharge makeup oil, milk and so on, different body processing fee is different also, need according to the specific situation analysis.
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