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NZ department stores creating their cosmetics

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-09
Several leading department stores in New Zealand are launching their own cosmetics collection, including Smith & Caughey and Kirkcaldies.
Called makeup, the scope is for customers who like themselves.
Choose their cosmetics, but want to be assured of a brand they trust.
Lynda Grant, a cosmetics buyer at Smith and Courtney, said the plan was designed to complement existing brands rather than compete with existing ones.
\"The idea behind it is that for some women it is very scary to go to the counter.
\"Cosmetics is a high quality alternative series with around 160 options, from $32 eyeshadow to lips, cheeks, foundation and tops --
An introductory product priced at $59. Self-
Most of the budget categories are selected cosmetics.
While it is common for department stores to entrust their own series overseas, they are usually cheap and look cheap, so they don\'t usually appear on monitors with store names.
The difference in makeup is that it\'s from Canada,
Regulated countries are used as the preferred manufacturer of many high-end products
End the American brand.
It is made by a smart company that specializes in the production of private label cosmetics and is basically branded for ordinary products with a familiar high-end look.
Peter Fahey, a senior in the cosmetics industry who has led Yves Saint Laurent\'s beauty business in Australia for years, has been working on department store deals.
Since working alone with his Viscorpe company, Fahey has also introduced to the market an invisible lip line called \"no bleeding lips.
This has just been well received in the influential online Huffington Post in the United States, and he is fighting for a wider range of overseas distribution transactions.
Other products are also being developed.
Undercover option surf life-saving New Zealand has launched its own sunscreen collection this summer.
These items are rated SPF50, so for those looking for heavy protection, check out the scope of trust from our beach keepers.
The purchase of sunscreen also provides funds for beach patrols and rescue services.
Sunscreen is a joint venture between surf life-saving and Auckland Beauty dealer BDM Grange.
BDM ensures that specially developed products comply with strict Australian regulations (
New Zealand is a member of the joint Australian organization
New Zealand standard but also accept ratings applicable to other markets).
The price is $9. 99 (for a clip-on 75ml bottle)up to $24. 99 (for a bumper-
Pump bottle No. 400 ml).
$1 per bottle to surf life-saving New Zealand.
It is available from selected supermarkets, pharmacies and farmers\' stores.
To commemorate the pink power of the end of breast cancer awareness month --
The first pink ribbon campaign started 20 years ago.
A special lunch event was held in Auckland last week.
Tells the story of the origins of one of the world\'s most well-known fundraising events, and the daughter of its driving force Evelyn Lloydin-
Remember the laws of Estee Lauder, founder of the cosmetics company.
Trustee of Breast Cancer Foundation and general manager of Estee Lauder Company (NZ)Marie-
Ann billons told the guests that Auckland has a special connection with the sport and is the first city in the world to illuminate the designated landmark with pink lighting.
\"I think it\'s just a matter of finding a pink bulb,\" Billens joked, explaining that having the Sky Tower change color in 2000 was much more complicated than she expected.
This coaxing is worth it when it becomes the first of 26 landmarks --
Then there are buildings like the Empire State Building and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Symbolically lit.
More than 120 important buildings turned pink in October, and all of them showed their softer side to help raise awareness of the Pink Ribbon movement.
Today, most landmark buildings, including London\'s Kensington Palace and Burj Khalifa, are lit up for only one night.
The tower of the sky still stands out because it will turn pink in a month.
Evelyn Lloyd will definitely agree.
On a vacation here, she insisted on arranging a breast cancer conference.
The determined woman, along with an American magazine editor, came up with the pink ribbon symbol, who died nearly a year ago at the age of 75.
Her legacy is the American Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, where she started raising more than $0. 35 billion and the pink ribbon campaign went global.
It has now grown in more than 70 countries, from the Lloyd brand to include many other companies that contribute a certain percentage of sales to breast cancer work.
New Zealand\'s focus is on encouraging breast X-rays and funding research.
This year, the \"pink ribbon\" event commemorates her with the theme of \"courage.
Believe in a world without breast cancer and know we\'re here until it\'s true. \" MO-
This month, the focus on fundraising has shifted to male health, and Movember has put the two major issues of prostate cancer and depression in the spotlight.
But we love this men\'s online skincare company where bread and butter will take $20 out of $49 and put $69 packaged skincare products into the nominated moveber fundraising account.
Another beauty supporter is Geoskincare, which gets $5 from every men\'s product sold on the website.
Certified organic companies have an additional 25-fold discount on all men\'s products sold online in November, reducing the price of each item to $29. 90.
If your man insists on brushing his hair this month, or is already half the man in the face hair style that Philips, the world\'s shaving expert, clean it up, then there\'s a destination to keep him clean.
Shaving tools designed.
The new style is two-
A double-sided device combining trim, styling and shaving mechanism.
Fine-tuning the set length can be changed from 0.
5mm to 1 cm, double
Foil Shaver capable of producing straight edges or clean shaving.
Waterproof rechargeable styles from major appliance retailers and department stores cost $249.
Beauty BRIEFSHappy anniversaryTrust the French have been in the early stages of any cosmetic behavior.
Hair rituals and healing fragrances may sound like they have only appeared recently, but two innovators have already celebrated their 25 th anniversary.
Kerastase launched a nourishing treatment mask for thick, dry and sensitive hair in 1987$65)
Still strong in the salon.
Currently, it can be used by the family in a special birthday pot.
Clarins put on festive red glitter for this silver anniversary celebration of this vibrant perfume with essential oils and skin --
Conditioning plant extracts.
Limited edition bottles are priced at $81 from Clarins counters in certain department stores and pharmacies.
Friend herBobbi Brown is the latest cosmetics company to launch a Facebook page in New Zealand.
It allows fans to learn more about makeup artists and the founders of the company, who now also provide lifestyle and authorization advice, as well as the way makeup is expected
Videos and tutorials.
Learn about local events, promotions and press conferences.
The seal of Approvaltrix is the first natural cosmetics certification in New Zealand under the international recognized natural cosmetics standard.
This is one of many international trusted certifications, but stands out from the local certifications of BioGro NZ Ltd.
The trilogy says the natural skincare industry has grown rapidly in the decade since its inception, but it is difficult for consumers to determine whether what they use is indeed natural, as there is no legal definition.
Through nature certification, consumers can guarantee that their claims are valid.
Blue bargainmist beauty cake comes with a limited edition beauty cake set with blue flowers 70 s-
Inspired Design, recalling that the popular makeup was specially developed for New Zealand women in that decade.
The annual compact promotion offers a base and sponge for $35.
Find it in farmers and selected pharmacies.
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