Necessary cosmetic processing, lazy facial cream

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
All say without makeup beauty is really beautiful, brush weibo always see various female star from time to time on weibo drying out a few pieces of beautiful bubbling or waking up or inornate without makeup water before bed, and then must be on the side emphasize is without makeup: oh ~ see me waiting passers-by admire envy hate only sourly response, exfoliating, isn't it? Beauty is? Actually, beautiful without makeup feeling we could have easily, then by the cosmetics factory processing for you to introduce our new product & ndash; —

actually put aside these innocuous PS function, if you really think yan is a grain of the female stars to discharge makeup washing a face, nothing can only say that Mrs. This idea is really too simple ~ ~ before heard a classic advertising slogan: I can see you I wipe the powder? Seemingly no makeup actual makeup, without makeup also goddess.

we cosmetics factory processing plants produced with the latest products, porcelain muscle facial cream. Due to the new formula skin care + naked makeup r&d, give attention to two or morethings creative team named & other; Porcelain muscle plain yan cream & throughout; And our diversified colors, including white, purple, pink.

cosmetics factory factory porcelain element facial cream contains a variety of essence, mildly nourish, ingredients are mainly swelling fruit licorice root, snail secretion filtrate, sophora root, panthenol, etc. Can effectively improve the skin, reduce melanin formation, the increase of active enzyme, efficient moisturizing, improve the defense capability of skin.

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product emphasis for the skin to heal and repair, moisturizing effect, by physical waste their first layer to prevent ultraviolet intrusion prevention, inhibit sebum secretion and convergence effect, can perfect block defect, especially after using the skin whitening and repairing.

internal curing

the second through the snail secretion filtrate, swelling fruit licorice ingredients nourish the skin, the third layer through the beet, sophora, panthenol, etc from the deep tissue repair, solve traditional naked makeup stuffy, dull, and long-term use will cause the skin pore bulky, acne, dark heavy wait for a problem.

a bottle of bottle at

porcelain muscle plain yan frost effect, carry bright, moisturizing, isolation, block defect. A fix, eliminating the layers of bright facial cream, such as milk, BB cream before make up the steps, before going out on 15 s makeup, bring their own beauty, tired as a dog go home at night also need discharge makeup, unconscious of the save Labour when the makeup effect was lazy goddess essential artifact.

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