natural skin care - why you should avoid cosmetics and beauty products that contain petrochemicals

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-07
Petrochemical products come from the oil industry and it is best to avoid these potentially harmful ingredients from entering your health and beauty system for the following reasons.
Some of the petrochemical products used in health and beauty products include benzene, acetone, ethanol and propylene.
These chemicals can cause skin irritation, especially propylene glycol, which can cause contact dermatitis.
Ethanol is usually used to dilute the liquid or as a fat solvent in the emulsion and oil.
This petrochemical product allows the liquid to flow more easily, but they can cause cancer when it is used with nitrate.
Acetone is found in many hair dye products, especially in shower gel and perfume, but its use is in the-
Freeze and let you know how unhealthy it is.
It causes headaches and nausea.
It will also affect your skin as it dries and ages faster than other methods.
Phtalates are used in hair gel, lipstick and nail polish to make them used for a long time
Long-lasting flexibility.
These may not be listed on your tab as they can be hidden under the term \"parfum.
These chemicals have proved to be linked to a decline in fertility.
DEA and TEA are alcohol derivatives used as moistening agents and additives.
They are used to soften the skin\'s lotion, moisturizers, and moisturizers in other personal care products.
The problem here is that when they are combined with any component that acts as a nitroso reagent, they have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.
Mineral oil was found in products such as body and bath oil and baby oil.
But it comes from crude oil, and while it may make your skin smooth initially, it actually blocks your skin\'s breathing capacity and catches toxins in your skin.
This can exacerbate existing skin problems such as eczema.
The sodium sulfate, also known as SLS, is actually a detergent used as a forming agent for shampoo, body wash, bubble bath and toothpaste.
This is a product that will cause irritation to the skin, eyes and scalp.
The best way to avoid these agents in your health and beauty products is to read the labels carefully and select products that do not contain these ingredients.
Buying organic and natural beauty products will help you limit your skin\'s exposure to petrochemical products.
However, it is worth noting that not all natural and organic beauty products are equal.
An item with only 10% may advertise whether it is natural or organic, so choosing an organic certified item will give you peace of mind.
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