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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-07
Why choose natural skin care products?
Today, more and more men and women are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
Even if their schedule is barely allowed, they go to the gym or yoga.
Even if organic food is a little more expensive, they will buy it.
But a lot of people still don\'t realize that all the cosmetics, moisturizers and skincare products they use can contain very contaminated ingredients.
According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, nearly 900 ingredients used in skin care cosmetics are considered toxic.
In addition, there are hundreds of documented cases that show that skin care cosmetics bring various diseases to users.
Common cosmetics and skin care products are also the main reasons for accidental poisoning of children.
Skin care cannot be taken lightly.
There are slight holes in human skin.
By applying typical skin care products to yourself, you can let your skin absorb all the toxins contained in these cosmetics.
Gel, cream and cosmetics can easily pass through the pores of the skin.
The answer is to let it go.
Natural skin care products use natural ingredients and do not contain artificial ingredients.
However, consumers are better off being careful because many products that claim to be natural may not be natural.
Products that claim to be organic or all-
In fact, natural substances may contain toxic chemicals.
Simply adding natural ingredients should not make the product \"all\"natural\\\" -
Unfortunately, there is no strict regulator to monitor this.
Strangely, the FDA does not regulate skincare producers.
Cosmetics companies often use the word \"nature\" as a marketing strategy without really making sense.
The best way is to study the ingredients yourself.
If it is difficult for you to choose which brand is best, you should consider asking for some professional help from a skin specialist.
Of course, consulting a dermatologist is the best option.
Read the labels of natural beauty products and be alert to the chemical composition.
Normally, natural skin care products should not contain any irritating spices or artificial pigments.
When buying organic shampoo, lotion, gel or cream, be sure to open the bottle and see how it smells and looks.
Organic shops are a great place to look for organic cosmetics.
Although the price of organic cosmetics is sometimes higher than that of ordinary cosmetics, the price of most organic cosmetics may be lower than that of ordinary cosmetics.
Terminal brands known to contain serious toxins.
If you don\'t buy cosmetics and all you want is conditioner and lotion then use all-
Natural Home ingredients.
Although the traditional oatmeal mask is old and old, it does work very well.
Grind it and rub it on the face to work as a exfoliator;
Or gently cook with a small amount of water as a conditioning mask.
Sugar and oil rubbing are good for dry skin.
Apply olive oil to your face and rub sugar on it.
Your skin will fall off and feel very smooth.
There are many free homemade recipes on the Internet.
Be sure to check.
Ordinary skin care products can actually lead to deterioration of the skin.
While most of these products tend to produce obvious effects immediately, this is due to the exfoliating or moisturizing properties of chemical components.
However, such a result is short-lived. term.
To make matters worse, bad chemicals can even get into your body, causing health problems.
Yes, natural cosmetics can be a bit more expensive, but isn\'t your health worth it?
So, next time you train yourself, think about the many natural options out there and ask yourself if a few dollars are worth taking risks.
Ask your dermatologist and you will find out
Natural skin care products can make your healthy lifestyle perfect.
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