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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-12
The so-called \"beauty of nature\" seems completely effortless, but it requires more effort than people think.
The beauty of nature comes from excellent skin care and minimal makeup.
Read below for more information.
Simple skin care for glowing skin, simple-yet-
Focus on skin care products is where it is.
Minimalism is the key to natural beauty, but if your skin is outstanding, you may not be inclined to apply only a minimal layer of makeup.
Many of us spend a lot of money and energy on makeup, but are surprisingly less on skin care.
Excellent care for your skin means that you will most likely need to apply less Foundation and cover the conce cream to cover up the \"problem\", which makes sense.
In the end, skin care should be the main focus of your beauty and health care.
A dedicated, effective skin care program consists of five simple steps: first, cleaning
Do not come into contact with highly sparkling cleaners.
The more foam the cleaner produces, the more soap it contains, which is very dry on the skin.
If your skin is dry and if your skin is oily then a high foam cleanser can cause the skin to peel off and over dry. This cleanser will dry your skin and start to produce more oil, which adds to your initial concerns.
Try not to wash off your skin care products;
What topic is this?
The treatment is.
Your cleanser should simply clean your face.
Secondly, color matching
Toner is necessary to prepare a moisturizer for the skin and other active ingredients that leave-
Treatment products.
If you have sensitive skin, avoid alcohol as a key ingredient in toner.
Third, serum/treatment-
If you have serious concerns, such as scrumpus or acute acne, you should look for a dermatologist to get a prescription for a medication regimen.
Otherwise, excessivethe-
There should be enough anti-serum or treatment. For acne-
Tea Tree and poached oil mixture is a good natural solution, while coconut oil and rose essential oil are recommended for dry and dull skin.
Fourth, moisturizing
Choose light to medium day cream [
SPF 20 or more]
More fat and thicker night cream [
No SPF because it\'s a waste to use more expensive SPF cream at night].
Finally, eye cream
You don\'t need to choose a particularly expensive eye cream, and the soft area around your eyes only needs a little extra moisture.
Natural makeup is perfect for your new glowing skin and should not require a full covered Foundation.
Instead, choose BB cream.
This beauty product is not used like a foundation, but still provides enough coverage for even skin tones.
It usually also contains SPF and some other beneficial ingredients.
There is a light-covered or translucent facial powder on the top to set up and voila\'s perfect skin.
You can cover your eyes or lips for drama, or choose simple mascara and lip gloss for a natural look.
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