multipurpose makeup tips - secret uses for common beauty products

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-13
Practical makeup this is a guide to beauty products and cosmetics, can do double (or triple! )
You may already have the duties of makeup, beauty tips and secret uses.
No matter what you use, it\'s always a good feeling to know that you get the most out of the product you buy.
Look at my advice on multiplayer
Cosmetics, skin care products and cosmetics.
You may learn something new! Multi-
Purpose cosmetics definition the purpose of this paper is to provide guidelines for multi-task skin care, cosmetics and cosmetics.
This means that these products can be used for more than one purpose in your beauty program.
This cannot be confused with products with multiple benefits, such as foundation with SPF or lip balm with a pendant.
You can\'t find these here.
The large number of beauty products I include here are clearly designed and sold as it is versatile, but I also have some more unconventional ideas and alternative uses.
Why is this?
Many cosmetics and cosmetics are sold by the same ingredients or with the same benefits, but not exclusively as multi-purpose products.
In addition, some products are cheap and generally priced, and cosmetics companies dare not sell them at real value.
For businesses, it\'s much better to put a trendy label on it.
Read advice on some of the best multi-functional cosmetics, as well as some beauty tips and secret uses of common cosmetics and skincare products. 1 -
Lipstick and BlushThis combination is notbrainer.
Lipstick and blush tend to belong to the same color family, so it\'s not surprising that cosmetics companies combine the two.
The trick is that the blush must be based on cream (
I have never heard of powder lipstick! ).
There are a lot of lipstick/blush hybrids on the market, so the key is to find the best color for your skin tone and the best formula for your skin tone.
Since it will also appear on your cheeks, pay close attention to the ingredients, especially if you have skin that is prone to acne or sensitive. 2 -
Lipstick and blush are so similar, why not use lipstick as blush?
It is a beautiful secret: There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do so;
The makeup artist has been doing it for many years.
Pat some spots on the apple on your cheek and mix.
Things to keep in mind: Choose a color that matches your skin tone with extra care as lipstick is easier to color than blush.
Thanks to this higher pigmentation, the application on the cheeks becomes easy.
More moisturizing lipsticks are easier to mix than matte recipes, but if you mix them with primer, facial moisturizer, dryer lipsticks may work, or use aloe vera on the back of your hand before applying.
If you are prone to acne or skin sensitivity, be very careful to put lipstick on your cheeks.
Test it in a small area on your face and spread it.
A makeup artist plays \"blush like lipstick\" on Youtube this guy is my favorite makeup artist.
He deserves a look (and subscribe)! 3 -
Multi-purpose staining is similar to lip/cheek products except for one of the main rules: they deposit a small amount of pigment and hence are called \"staining \".
\"Don\'t expect too much moisture from lip/cheek stains, but expect lasting strength.
When choosing a color, keep in mind that it will continue to mix to a lighter color than it looks in a bottle or tube. So a deep red (like Benetint)
Will be stained with a very flattering rose color.
Some products are Gel-shaped and may provide more hydration than direct staining.
For the cheek, apply three smudges on the Apple on the cheek and mix immediately.
For the lips, apply the lip gloss in the same way and press the lips together.
Repeat if you want a brighter or darker look.
If you want more moisture on your lips, apply some lipstick or Vaseline on the top 4
Eyes, cheeks, color of lips. . .
In addition, these multi-purpose cosmetics are similar to cheeks and lip products, but have a wider range of shades, colors and finishes.
The golden tone is perfect for eyes and lips, and can also be used as a whole highlighter or bronze.
Shades of red or pink apply to lips and cheeks, while shades of dark color can be used as lip color or eye color.
The pharmacy brand \"Elf\" and the department store brand \"Nars\" are all wonderful multi-brand
Purpose makeup stick.
Mac has a whole line. use products.
Their \"paint\" has a variety of colors.
This product can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronze or highlighter depending on the color.
Because it is so colored, it can also be mixed with Vaseline in lip color, or with transparent or white nail polish in a custom color.
For Mac, it is better to buy directly from them or certified suppliers (
Nordstrom, etc)-
They seem to be vulnerable to counterfeiting. 5 -
Eyeliner eyeliner FillerI has always used a brown eyeliner as an eyeliner.
It is more tolerant than eyeliner or liquid eyeliner and works very well for everyday makeup.
If you want a more explicit line, wet the brush first and then immerse it in the shadow.
Recently, I started making eyebrow pencil with brown eyeshadow.
\\ \"Be sure to apply with a light hand-
You want it to look natural.
For eyeliner and eyebrow filling, use a angled eye shadow brush.
They sell these almost anywhere they sell cosmetics.
Or, if you want to buy a cheaper option, check out the local art store or Michaels.
Some brushes are almost the same as the tilt eyeshadow brush you pay three times at the cosmetics counter.
Be careful about the softness of the brush and you don\'t want to make something stiff and let it irritate your skin.
Wash with a gentle face or hand sanitizer before use.
Almost any brown eye shadow can be used as a eyeliner and eyebrow filler.
The key is to find a kind of matte with high pigment content (
No shimmer or Shine)
It\'s a color that suits your skin tone.
Women with dark hair may choose matte black shadows for the same purpose. 6 -
Mascara works as well as gel or liquid eyeliner.
You might ask yourself, \"Why am I doing this?
I see three scenarios: you make a retro wingtip eye on a special occasion and don\'t want to invest in products that you may no longer use.
You\'re running out-
Eyeliner or gel.
You want to make the most of your makeup and mascara will go bad soon. (
Wet eye makeup dries much faster than other cosmetics.
In addition, it is recommended to replace mascara every few months for health purposes. )
From the top of the wand, pat the mascara on the back of your hand and apply it with a tilted brush or a tilted eyeliner brush.
Most importantly, mascara has been designed to be safe around the eyes
You can apply for worry-free!
If you color your hair, mascara can also be used as a root or gray finish between hair dyes.
Be especially careful, of course, to get the color that matches your hair! 7 -
What do you want to do with clear mascara? ?
Transparent mascara is suitable for women who want a natural, low maintenance look, or with natural thickness and/or dark lashes.
I use a mascara and then a clear mascara.
It held up the curls, no pigment, and immediately opened my eyes!
Some days, I prefer to use clear (
Not black)
Mascara because it won\'t be under my eyes no matter what the situation.
It can help you avoid raccoon eyes if it rains.
You are going to the beach/pool/Lake/River and plan to get into the water.
You\'re watching a very wet movie. WAIT.
This is a multi-purpose product, right? Of course!
Use it as an eyebrow styling gel for a neat, polished look.
If you put it in your wallet, it can also be used to tame the pesky, misbehaving flies --aways.
I used the transparent mascara from Maybelline since Jr. High. 8 -
If you buy a good foundation with build coverage, there is no reason why you can\'t use it as a cover cream.
This may be your choice if you want a smoother, more natural look.
If you don\'t have a concealer for any reason, this is also a great emergency tip.
Keep in mind that using a foundation as a cover cream may not provide the same camouflage as a good cover cream, if you have a lot of super
There is pigmentation or dark under the eyes of the eye.
The Foundation is a good choice for media coverage.
Apply the foundation under your eyes the way you apply the Cover Cream-
Pat with a ring finger or makeup brush until it is mixed.
For point overlay, use a brush, or do what I should do: use q-tip.
Pat a little bit, cover where you care, and let it dry a little bit.
Unused end using q-
Mix tips, add more bases from the use side until you get the coverage you want.
With translucent (colorless)powder.
The best thing about q.
The tip is that you can throw it away and use a new one every time.
Never have to wash the makeup brush!
When I ran out, I found out that the foundation was a cover cream. to concealer (
Discontinued already).
I know I like the natural coverage of my foundation (
Applied to layers)
More than any other conceconce cream I have tried. 9 -
Multi-functional food. . .
Vaseline is an extreme beauty product.
Don\'t you believe me?
Look at some of the many things you can do with it: moisturizer-
Used for hands, feet, nails, elbows and knees. . . anywhere! Lip Balm -
Wear alone or mix with color. My go-
Beauty tips are apply Vaseline gently on lipstick.
It gives a sense of color without making you look unstoppable and allowing you to make the most of your makeup (
Did not buy a ton of products). Eye Cream -
I often moisturize my eyes with Vaseline at night.
You can pat it gently with your fingers, or use q-tip.
Here is a less likely Beauty tip: use it on eye shadow to fight smoky eyes.
Wound/scar ointment-
A dermatologist once told me that you don\'t need an antibacterial ointment if the wound is clean.
He also said the fancy scar cream was a complete tearoff.
What did he recommend?
You guessed it right: Vaseline.
The best way to prevent scars is to keep the wounds moist, he said.
Vaseline does a good job. Baby Skincare -
Vaseline is gentle enough to be used on the skin of a newborn.
This thing is amazing.
Did I mention Vaseline? comedogenic (
Do not clog pores)?
This is good news for girls like me who are prone to acne. 10 -
Everyone needs a good cream.
My skin is oily, sensitive and prone to acne, so once I find a product that doesn\'t cause me a problem, I stick to it for life.
Clear oil
The free facial lotion is gentle enough to be used for makeup remover or as a light eye cream.
In order to remove makeup, in cotton balls or q-
Gently wipe on the eyelid.
Wipe it off once it spreads a bit. Vaseline (shock me! )
Can also be used as eye makeup remover.
I haven\'t bought eye makeup for nearly ten years.
Note: If you have anything in your eyes, wash it off with water.
Usually I avoid applying SPF cream around my eyes. 11 -
Why not try multi-function soap?
Shampoo was originally developed as a more gentle shampoo than traditional soap.
The key to the shampoo/shower gel mix product is to have a gentle product that can\'t peel off the hair and wash the body effectively enough. Philosophy 3-in-
The soap tastes good, moisturizes and tastes good.
They also have bubble bath for killer.
If you\'re looking for something more natural
Bronner \\\'s is a trusted brand of pure castile soap with a lot of smells (
Mint, tea tree, almond, lavender. . . ).
I \'ve even heard of people brushing their teeth with these things. 12 -
Of course, conditional reflex can be used on the hair, but I also shave with it.
It is much better than using soap and moisturizes more than body wash.
If you like to use shaving gel and you are fresh, try the conditioner. 13 -
Apple cider vinegar!
Vinegar is a beauty product!
Apple Vinegar (ACV)
It is especially beneficial to the body because it contains a high concentration of α-oh acid (AHAs)
It is widely used in many skin care products and cosmetics.
ACV can be used for the following purposes: Toner-
There are many recipes on this Internet.
The most basic Toner is a mixture of ACV and distilled water.
Tea tree oil or essential oil can also be added (
Such as lavender). Facial Mask -
After mixing ACV with bentonite clay, a cheap and effective mask can be made. On-site handling-
ACV is a natural drug that is marked or over red after the treatment of acnepigmentation. Apply with a q-tip nightly. Mole Remover -
Apple cider vinegar can burn moles and skin labels, but take risks on its own. Hair Rinse -
A lot of people have vowed to use ACV as a \"conditioner\" and I haven\'t tried it myself.
\\ \"Dilute it with a ratio of 1: 4 to 1: 2 of ACV to water, apply it and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it clean.
I am also interested in people who completely replace shampoo with traditional shampoo and conditioner.
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