Muji muji eye shadow? How much muji eye shadow

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-14
Muji muji's eye shadow is a bit forcing obsessive-compulsive disorder! This eye shadow partition size is different, but a lot of big shop sign the classic color of eye shadow can be found here, don't fly powder, chroma is good too! How much muji eye shadow facial ministry skin is the most vulnerable part of the eyes. If not using eye makeup, could also feel tingling. Muji's eye makeup item all contain chamomile essence, gentle moisturizing care eye skin, but also has a group of pull color rendering, with exquisite pearl, is really great! Muji/eye shadow ( Four color type) ( Olive green * golden) Reference price: 694 yen 4 color eye shadow tray, with pearl, only need to apply a layer of thin, can make a natural look. Recommended for OL people use oh ~ how about muji eye shadow it is muji pink brown four color eye shadow, superposition amore 6 monochromatic color eye shadow, go shopping to see muji bought this eyeshadow, pink is tender right opaque I think generally but not fly powder, white played whole eye socket, superposition of pink eye socket, small area light brown eye end triangle, dark brown eyeliner and lower eyelid? Finally amore monochromatic light among upper eyelid and lower eyelid eye shadow body? Girls powder pink is tender loving only shop prices over the past few years matte shadow of the fire, you can find in a MUJI monochrome and color matching. Four color eye shadow is home MUJI sells the best make-up, don't think that lists only two, the somebody else's color choice but there are as many as six. ( Really will make money) In addition to the above categories of other colour makeup is tasted, MUJI's makeup tools are not a vegetarian drops! Still chose some representative products, BTW, I but the MUJI sponge and portable eyelash clip like don't don't of. Muji good eye shadows which four color eye shadow: with four color combination to create bright eye administrative levels. Contain pearl light particles, can add eye ministry stereo feeling. Using natural plant moisturizing ingredients olive squalene and chamomile essence oil. Eye shadow base cream: can prevent eyelid skin dryness and cover dark skin, improve the effect of eye shadow hair color and eye makeup and special base frost durability. Using natural plant moisturizing ingredients olive squalene and chamomile essence oil. Before, after finishing the bottom makeup, eye shadow, thin on eyelid is coated with a layer of can. Eye shadow brush, brush a head to choose plants polyester fiber raw material, the soft, does not hurt the skin. Length: handle - 66 mm + metal parts 45 mm + brush 15 mm, the total length of about 12. 6cm。 Dual eye shadow brush, a brush, eye shadow is brushed, can create have administrative levels feeling of eye makeup. Small size, easy to carry
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