mineral makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-25
Makeup has been an essential part of every woman\'s life since ancient times.
From weddings to family parties and informal parties, every woman makes up and looks beautiful and young.
While it may make the face look good, the harmful effects of makeup are always overlooked.
Regular makeup can lead to an overall decline in skin aging, fine lines, wrinkles and natural face values.
After that, a healthy makeup was required, and mineral makeup was created in 1976 by naked escentmakeup and named after Diane Ranger in 1977.
By definition, mineral cosmetics are cosmetics made of minerals.
It consists of a variety of natural minerals found in the crust, free of chemicals, alcohol, dyes and other preservatives.
These minerals are finely ground, crushed, purified and coated with inorganic pigments before reaching the final consumer.
Coating pigments are used for coloring and sparkling effects.
The most common minerals that are frequently used are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, iron oxide and copper chloride oxide.
Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have resistance
Is the best UV blocker.
These cosmetics made of minerals have become an upward trend in the cosmetics industry for several reasons.
The first and most important advantage is that cosmetics provide excellent sun protection and may not contain spices, preservatives and oils.
Secondly, they do not clog pores, are waterproof, and do not support the growth of bacteria.
Some mineral cosmetics also have anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation.
Inflammatory components such as vitamin A, C, E, K and green tea extract.
These provide long-term applications with less spending without fading.
In wet countries like India, these mineral cosmetics are perfect products because the humidity will melt in a very short time.
None of the companies have any improvements to their mineral cosmetics, but these are some consumer reviews of mineral cosmetics.
Pure mineral cosmetics are combined with inorganic pigments that help to achieve the desired color.
It stays longer, is lighter and works better, and is the best product for treating acne and sensitive skin.
Bare Mineral Cosmetics are loose minerals that do not contain wax and oil.
These are used to cover defects and provide UV protection.
Here are some of the most widely used ingredients in mineral cosmetics: otitanic Dioxide: a natural resistance
An inflammatory agent that prevents ultraviolet rays.
It is the perfect oxide for any skin type.
Okalin clay: a Chinese clay with good oil absorption performance.
OMica: a natural flash that is usually used to add color and gloss.
OSerecite: a colorless mother cloud tablet used to increase gloss.
A natural sunscreen with strong UV resistance.
OSericite Mica: it is a mixture of natural pigments made of white cloud mother and titanium dioxide.
This mineral formula is used for personal care products, lotions and soaps.
Magnesium silicate: a formula made of magnesium silicate ester.
This recipe uses facial powder, mascara, eye shadow, cream and ointment.
Obismouth oxygen chlorine: a formula made of fine crystals composed of bismouth and salt.
This mineral formula is used for facial powder, foundation, lipstick and mascara.
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