mineral makeup, is it the natural choice?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-12
Customers who come to me usually have a good understanding of cosmetics and skin care ingredients in their personal beauty products.
I believe this is due to the emergence of organic skin care and previous education.
Many companies that don\'t boast that they are organic have even changed many of their ingredients to reflect healthier choices for consumers, because some of these synthetic ingredients are related to cancer, skin irritation and many other adverse reactions.
Some of the well-known synthetic ingredients in skin care and cosmetics are: parab Gold, urea, sodium sulfate, and a variety of dyes and spices.
What about mineral cosmetics and their claims, though?
One of the most popular mineral cosmetics companies claims that their cosmetics are \"very pure and you can sleep inside \".
Is mineral cosmetics really a natural healthier option?
Mineral Cosmetics are mainly used for foundation and blush, and are praised for their cover-up flaws and long-term use.
It is also touted as a low allergy, preventing acne and eliminating skin irritation due to its pure ingredients that do not clog pores.
Some can even be used as sunscreen with a SPF of 15, while others like Eminence have a SPF of up to 30.
The three main components of almost all types of mineral cosmetics include cloud powder, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
Yunmu powder is something that gives luster and color to mineral cosmetics. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are actually blocking ultraviolet rays by reflecting, refraction and absorbing light like small mirrors on the skin.
These are naturally present minerals and are usually safe to use, but it is important to look at other ingredients to determine how pure and natural a certain mineral cosmetic is.
Of course, this mineral composition is safe and it is best to consult a skin care specialist to see if these products are suitable for you.
For example, an ingredient known as chloro Mercury, a color additive that adds luster, is technically a mineral, but it causes slight in some people
In general, these ingredients are usually safe and companies like Eminence want to achieve significant proximity by adding plant elements
In Mineral Cosmetics, the risk of skin irritation and pain is zero.
Therefore, keep in mind that your own knowledge of the ingredients and the reputation of the company are your best choice when purchasing mineral cosmetics.
So, be sure to do your research if you can, read a lot of reviews, talk to your friends if they are using it, and most importantly ask your skincare specialist, because they may have additional information, when you choose a mineral cosmetics collection for yourself,
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