【 Matriarchs 】 Really have an automatic assembly line of silk lipstick OEM generation of processing factory?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-30
Nowadays, a lot of silk lipstick OEM co-packer flaunt their own advanced technology at the same time, always emphasize & other; Full automatic production & throughout; This concept. So, it is fully automatic assembly line of silk lipstick manufacturing process?

lipstick workshop pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory & other; Fold the membrane & throughout; They fully automatic

cosmetics factory OEM generation of processing workshops pharmaceutical factory, silk lipstick before each employee into the workshop in good GMPC disinfection clean clothes, all thorough disinfection, especially for the hand disinfection, procedure strictly and pharmaceutical factory no. In the workshop for & other; Pure manual & throughout; Step is fold membrane, the so-called & other Fold the membrane & throughout; That pearl and silk membranes fold together, into the aluminum foil bag, seemingly simple manual program, there is a big mystery. Workshop staff in fold membrane process, will be two kinds of material of lipstick diagonal fold, slightly angular deviation is unqualified products.

why not & other; Full automatic production & throughout; ?

above all, OEM generation of processing factory in the production of real silk silk lipstick lipstick when it is impossible to have & other Full automatic production & throughout; , why? “ Mystery & throughout; Is: originally, mechanical molding of lipstick on the market for non-woven material, can be mass production machinery, but pearl and silk membranes must rely on artificial to perfect fit, lipstick itself that have beautiful skin skin effect, combined with the cosmetics factory essence of penetration, skin care effect is more obvious, and artificial fold membrane maximum keep the silk structure is destroyed by external mechanical forces, and the skin of laminating sex is stronger. Production of refined silk lipstick to such an extent, cosmetics factory quality and safety is the most fundamental guarantee.

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