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Makeup Tips to correct the most common problems 1.
The secret to enliven a dull, lifeless skin. 2.
A trick to treat acne, eye rings and skin imperfections. 3.
Simple guide to what skin
You have four.
Tips for makeup in 10 minutes 1.
The secret to enliven a dull, lifeless skin.
It looks complicated though;
In just a few steps, your skin can change in a few seconds.
Three basic steps. 1.
Clean your face with your usual makeup
Remove and finish cleaning by flushing your entire face in cold water 2.
Apply a exfoliating mask throughout the face, do not forget the neck and avoid the areas of the eyes and lips (
Focus on products-
Specific description)
Later, take out the face bag with water, shoot the face dry, and do not rub. 3.
Moisturizing first, apply a moisturizing tonic if your skin is dry or normal; if your skin is merged or greasy, apply scale removal to clean the tonic.
Apply on completely dry skin with a cotton pad and gently touch without spreading, so as not to stimulate the skin.
Apply eye contour treatment if you need it, or if you use it normally.
Apply moisturizing serum for your skin-type (
This is usually sold in the anpou of chemists. Most make-
Up brand also produces different serum according to skin type)
Finally, once the serum is properly absorbed, apply the moisturizer to the entire face.
Key step: the most important step here is to exfoliate, because when there are dead skin cells that need to be removed, the skin usually looks dim and lifeless.
You should do cleaning and moisturizing steps every day (
According to the instructions of the product used, except for the serum of the specific occasion). 2.
A trick to treat acne, eye rings and skin imperfections.
The school conce/cover conce cream is the star product here, but if you don\'t, we will add a trick to use the foundation instead of the school conce.
Eye rings apply the basics the way you usually do (
The foundation should be liquid or cream color texture)
After completion, apply the foundation with synthetic materials
Hair brush, eye ring area again.
When you run out, use a large puff and apply loose powder a little lighter than your makeup base.
Apply with a small amount of powder so as not to create folds in such a delicate area.
For acne or facial imperfections, like the last step, but where you need to correct, the powder you apply here should be the same as the foundation, or completely transparent.
With this step, all you do is focus the foundation on the area to be corrected.
The ideal way, of course, is to use a specific eye ring checker and a specific acne regulator (
There are brands that can treat acne or acne
In this case, you can follow the same steps and use the renter instead of the base, and you will see that the results are much better than using the renter alone. 3.
Simple guide to what skin
These are the most common skin types;
Pay attention to each feature and determine your skin type.
The best way is to always consult a dermatologist or an American.
The skin is dry and the skin feels dry and tight.
Wrinkles are easy to show up and there will be no grease unless you moisturize.
Dry skin is usually soft and small pores.
It is not common to have blackhead acne or acne.
Depending on the environment, weather, computer, air conditioning, the degree of drying may increase or decrease.
One way to make sure the skin is dry is to put it between your thumb and your finger, push it up and let go.
If it returns to its place immediately, it will moisturize fully, and if there is a little delay, it will need to moisturize.
In order to keep the skin soft and smooth, you need highly moisturizing products, products with nutrients, moisturizing face packs and Eye Contour treatments day and night.
Soap will dry the skin so use should be avoided.
The same is true for products containing alcohol.
Normal skin is neither greasy nor dry, and there is often no acne.
The skin is perfect and looks fresh and smooth. This perfect-
It seems that the pores of the skin are very small and may become more gray in the T area. This skin-
Typing is not common in adults, but can be found in almost all children.
People with this skin
Type should be special product for normal useto-
Sensitive skin to keep this type of skin.
They should avoid products that contain alcohol.
The combined skin has greasy areas: area T, normal cheeks and neck.
We need to choose the product very carefully.
Moisturize a lot to avoid dry skin, with special emphasis on cleaning.
Greasy skin prone to dull phenomenon, and there are black head acne.
This skin keeps creating grease.
Greasy skin can keep you young.
This type of skin should be treated with specific oil
Free product, but this should be moisturizing enough.
In addition to this, cleaning should be done with a cleansing bag and other greasy productsskin care.
The quality of this skin can vary depending on external factors such as tobacco, stress, weather, food, etc.
Sensitive skin under the skin stimulates blood vessels to be typical in sensitive skin.
The skin often feels dry and is easily stimulated.
Perfume and soap stimulate the skin.
Even products designed specifically for sensitive skin can cause inflammation.
The only way to find the right product is to try it out in advance.
The product should be tried on the inside of the arm as any potential reaction here will not be as strong as the face.
Sensitive skin is the most common in blonde or red hair --haired people.
Recommended product for this skin-
The type is gentle and very moist.
Avoid using products that are very fragrant or alcoholic.
Sensitive skin should not be overexposed to the sun or at very warm temperatures. 4.
Tips for makeup in 10 minutes once the skin is completely clean and moist, these are the steps to follow: apply the correction agent where needed, apply the foundation where needed, apply rouge on your eye pencil, mascara on your lips pencil, lip gloss or cream
You will be completely fabricated and have a natural and pleasant aspect.
Yes, this make-up should last all day and of course it should be no more than 10 minutes to wear it except on your lips.
We describe each step below :-
It should take a few seconds to apply the calibration when necessary, and the difference between doing and not doing can be very large.
Those of you with perfect skin can avoid it, just use it as a illuminator.
I recommend using it before the foundation, although there are some products on the market that are intended to be used after the Foundation;
This is not important because the problem is to correct these aspects.
The key here is to use the calibration device in areas where the base cannot unify the tone: zit, a very eye-catching ring.
Once you\'re done, you can switch to the foundation.
Use cosmetics on the Foundationup sponge (
Latex is available according to preference and skin type)
Moisten it (just lightly)
In order to spread it faster (
Of course, I mean liquid or cream foundation here, which is the easiest and fastest Foundation).
For the liquid version, apply some on the upper left hand (
Or if you\'re left behind. handed)
, Gently pat the foundation with a damp sponge, but don\'t pick it all up.
Start applying the foundation from the forehead to both sides, then apply the foundation from the nose to both sides, then apply the foundation from the chin to both sides, and finally apply the neck and ears, if you are shorthaired.
Once your entire face is put on makeup, use another part of the sponge and go where you can see too much makeup --
Up, and expand with a small stroke up.
More emphasis is placed on areas that need correction most, such as the outer corner of the eye (
This tends to turn red)
Around the nostrils and lips.
This is the simplest point.
Use a tone that suits you, apply it to the cheekbones and move the eyelids with a rouge brush, mix evenly so that it ends up looking natural, with a loose powder brush, or use the same Rouge brush but no product. That\'s it.
You can start the next step now.
This step is a perfect trick if you have few lashes or want them to look thicker than they were.
A pencil made of dark brown or gray during the day (
Looks more natural)
And apply it in a small touch (not in a line)
In the eyelashes that move the lid, the tear tube area is avoided and three or four lashes are shorter at the end of the eye.
The idea is that it looks like we have more lashes than we are wearing mascara.
If it\'s too notable, it\'s because you put too many products in it.
Don\'t worry: just use a fine brush or Q-tip.
Applying mascara is an integral step in makeup. up.
I know many of you don\'t like mascara because you have to remove it later, it will run, etc.
The truth is, yes, obviously you have to get rid of it in the end, but if you use a good mascara (
No water during the day-
Resistance: easy to fall off normally)
Apart from protecting your lashes all day long, it falls off when it is removed.
A good trick is to always do the lower eyelashes first to avoid staining the upper eyelid.
Apply mascara with the zigzag, then apply mascara on the upper eyelashes, first down, then up.
You need to apply too much mascara because it\'s done during the day --up.
You can use dark brown mascara, but since there are very few colors on our faces, I recommend black unless you are very shallow --blue-eyed blonde.
While this is basic day makeup, I would suggest not to forget the lips.
If you pay attention, you will notice that I have never said that I suggest making lips with a foundation, because from my point of view, the foundation on the lips does not look very natural.
With a pencil that is very close to the lip tone, tends to be pink but with brown paint, outlines the outline of the lips, and puts some inside the lips.
This way, it will last you for a long time and you don\'t need to use lipstick unless you want.
Apply gloss or sesame oil. The pencil will usually be a little dry, to mix the color on you, need a little gloss or sesame oil, which one is up to you;
Lip balm is more moisturizing, more natural, and gloss makes your lips thicker and juicy.
Lighting equipment for final touch application (
Or if you don\'t, a little white, half white.
Pearl powder will be made)
Under the eyebrows, the space on the top of the cheekbones and on the chin, illuminate the face in a very natural way to make you look spectacular.
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