makeup gets in on the anti-aging craze

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-15
YOU MULTI-TASK all day --
Text and Drive, talk and type, drink water with vitamins.
Then why don\'t you make up? duty too?
The goal of the new generation Foundation is to do this, promising more than just a uniform skin tone and a finish with dew.
These foundations reinforce the ingredients that are usually reserved for skin care products, they can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne, and tighten the skin-
It even helps to reverse aging.
Including Peter Thomas Rose\'s new UN.
Crumpled powder, a cocktail with active ingredients, including antioxidants and synthetic versions of snake venom, is actually called SNY-AKE (
Botox claimed.
Like the effect, reduce wrinkles by suppressing muscle movement).
The protection minerals foundation for real cosmetics is one of many companies that claim to be \"pharmaceutical makeup\" ingredients that claim drugs
Like the benefits in many-but not all --
There is legal research to support them.
The real makeup is free.
The company cited clinical studies that showed it improved the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and fine lines and wrinkles.
The flexibility of Estee Lauder enhances the ultimate in a tight makeup and makes collagen more perfect.
Moisturizing performance through peptide enhancement and hyaluronic acid-
There are two substances that are touted as having the properties to rejuvenate the skin.
Naturally, this trend is reversed by the growing
Aging skin care market.
According to the Mintel market research company, from 2004 to 2006, the cosmetics brand
$39 for aging benefits
$6 million growth
Billion cosmetics category-
This applies only to brands sold in pharmaceutical and food stores.
\"This competition is a product that is important to all women,\" said Kat Fay, senior health and beauty analyst at Mintel . \". \"It\'s anti-
Aging, it will make you tan, tighten your skin, eliminate your skin color, and pay taxes!
\"But these products are also being sold to young women who are looking for preventive beauty strategies.
\"New science, technology and ingredients are at the core,\" said Fay . \".
\"Our idea is to build a better you.
\"But some dermatologists question that makeup is an-
Aging or skin treatment.
\"When you put these cosmetic ingredients on makeup, they should theoretically have some effect, but if someone has skin condition, they want to treat, like acne or scrumpus, or even fine lines or wrinkles, they may see better results from doctors.
Prescribed treatment, \"said Jenny King, associate professor of medicine and dermatology at the University of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine.
\"Since these drugs are not approved by the FDA and require a certain amount of testing, it is difficult to judge their effectiveness.
\"It is also impossible to know exactly how many of these ingredients are in the product.
Joe DiNardo, a cosmetic chemist who is vice president of Cosmetix Research, a pharmaceutical company, said: \"The list of ingredients is difficult . \".
Ingredients are listed in order of quantity, the most at the top of the list and the least at the bottom.
\"But when you come into contact with a recipe score of 1% or less ---
Some of them may be--
\"They can place orders in any order,\" he said . \".
\"This is usually where you get all those hum components that may not even be on the functional level.
Houston dermatologist Suzanne Bruce said: \"Nevertheless, many of these ingredients do have legal research to support their claims, and she wrote articles in the medical journal about the effectiveness of cosmetics.
So, she said, with one
It won\'t hurt to be called a feature foundation, \"it might even help. \" But how much?
When will it not make any difference?
Here are the main ingredients on the expanded makeup benefit list.
Now, just have lipstick that can lower your cholesterol.
What is vitamin A acid: Vitamin A compounds or derivatives that increase skin turnover, thereby exfoliating and helping to rebuild collagen.
In the list of ingredients, they are often referred to as Vitoria palmitester and have been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and improve skin texture.
Where can they be found: the retina is very common, but L\'Oreal has highlighted them on its new visual lift line, minimizing & hue enhanced makeup ($14)
There are also SPF 17 and film to prevent skin damage-
Form a component that tightens the skin like a clay mask--
The face is thinking of Spanx.
Will they work: \"Vitamin A acid, especially the vitamin A acid found in prescriptions such as Tazarac and Retin --
\"A, is the place where you make the most money,\" said Kim, A dermatologist at UCLA . \".
\"They have been shown to be helpful in reversing the damage to the photos and helping with fine lines and wrinkles.
\"Research shows that they may be the bestthe-
Counter option to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. \"Vitamin A-
\"Derivative ingredients are the only ingredients that are really tested to show that they can reduce wrinkles,\" said cosmetic chemist Nick molant . \".
Antioxidant what are they: Found in components such as vitamin A, C, E, B complex, green tea, selenium and Q10, they help stimulate healthy cell growth, protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and free radicals.
Where to Find: prescription New all Skin Mineral Makeup Foundation ($32.
50, plus $30 brush)
Combine vitamin C and E with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
UV protection and UV protection.
Clinique\'s Tech defenseAging Makeup ($28. 50)
It has antioxidants such as bark extract of Mimosa and vitamin C.
Will they work: there are studies that show that it is effective to apply some antioxidants locally, but molante says the most effective way to provide antioxidants is through skin care products, not cosmetics, because the purpose of makeup is to sit on the surface of the skin, not to penetrate.
However, he added that it is possible to obtain the same level of antioxidants in cosmetics as the therapeutic product ---
Looking for products that contain a variety of antioxidants, not just one, suggests
A well thought out formula is most likely to be more effective than a formula that relies solely on one antioxidant ingredient.
What is hyaluronic acid: it is one of the main components of the skin and helps to maintain the structure and moisture.
As we age, the number of our skin will decrease.
Injected fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm use menEquivalent is done.
However, hyaluronic acid is mainly used for moisturizing in local skin care.
Where to Find: Hyaluronic acid is usually paired with peptides.
But in Jane Ellendale\'s Liquid Minerals$46)
Make-up, titanium sphereand zinc-
Suspended base in serum containing hyaluronic acid and free radicals-
Fight against vitamin C and q10
Whether it works or not: Hyaluronic Acid has been in skin care products and cosmetics for several years.
Kim said that the medical journal did not publish clinical research on local applications, \"claiming that hyaluronic acid can restore skin vitality through local applications may be an extension, but it is very good for the skin, because it is very moisturizing.
What is Sa: plants-
Control the derivative acid of the pH value of the skin surface to prevent bacteria that may cause acne.
Where to Find: clear skin oil-Free makeup ($11. 50)has oil-
It helps to control the absorption powder of gloss, as well as vitamin A, C and E and 0.
5% sa, helps to prevent crackingouts.
Almay cleansing liquid ($12)has 0.
6% sa and a plant called meadowsweet, which contains vitamin C and a native sa.
Will it work: sa has been around for about a century and can be used in more than 2% casesthe-
Counter products.
Kim of the University of California, Los Angeles, warned that it could stimulate sensitive skin, but added, \"We know that sa helps with acne, even if it doesn\'t have as many skin care products as it does, that doesn\'t mean it can\'t help people who take occasional breaksouts.
\"What are peptides and more of them: some peptides (
Amino acid chain)
As a messenger in the skin, the skin and the real cortex communicate more effectively and stimulate the production of collagen;
Others claim Botox
The effect of sending a signal to the muscles through the skin to \"reduce\" the intensity of contraction ---
As the muscles shrink, the lines become less obvious.
If your product has a list of six peptides, peptides, gamma-amino acids, or SYN-AKE (
A synthetic snake venom that relaxes muscles)
You\'re at the peptide ballpark.
Where can I find: the age of Lulu ($14)
Have a patented mixture of hexeptides and plants called Botafirm.
Smashbox\'s latest powder foundation is called Halo hydrating perfect powder (
$66 including brushes)
Six peptides (
And the antioxidant of Medlar)
It claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by rebuilding the skin.
Will they succeed, Kim said: no research from the medical journal proves the efficacy of peptides.
\"The idea of delivering small peptides through the skin is reasonable, but I think we still need some time to evaluate whether these small peptides really work.
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