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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-12
You will never eat more than a few months or even years before the \"best date\", but why do we still seem to know nothing about the shelf life of our beauty products?
Believe it or not, all cosmetics and beauty products have been built in-
During the validity period, if ignored, it may cause the product to no longer look or feel what it should look like, and worse, it will become dangerous to use. Yes, dangerous.
You see, makeup carries all kinds of invisible bacteria, and although most bacteria are harmless, pathogens (
Any bacteria, viruses, or other organisms that cause disease or infection, such as S. Aureus, E. Coli
E. Coli, S. , salmonella, etc. )
It\'s totally another story.
While sanitizing your hands before and after makeup, regular cleaning of your brushes and makeup helps keep your products safe, most of us get a little lazy on these steps.
You can even share makeup with friends, which increases the chance to swap these lovely little germs around.
A solution is obviously to clean your product completely (
I will say it soon).
But if you haven\'t done so yet, it\'s time to buy a makeup bag.
Don\'t know where to start? Don\'t worry.
Below, I will give you a guide on how long each product will last before you store it.
There are obviously exceptions to this rule, so if you notice that the appearance, feel or smell of something has changed before this date, throw it away to keep it safe.
Validity period of cosmetics (GUIDE ONLY)2 TO 3 MONTHS-Mascara-
12 months-face and masks6Pot foundation-
Eyeliner & gel-
Liquid and cream concealer-Eye cream-
12 to 18 months
Liquid Foundation (pump bottle)-Lip gloss-
Cream eye shadowEyebrow gel-
Moisturizing for 2 years-Lip pencils-Eye pencils-Lipstick-
Foundation-Powder blush-
How eye shadow cleans cosmetics there are three ways to clean cosmetics that should cover everything in your kit.
Yes, it takes a bit of time and effort, but it will save you a lot of money if it extends the life of your product (
And potential eye infections, unnecessary outbreaks! )
In the long run.
The alcohol WIPESThis method is perfect for lipstick, masking cream, lip pencil, eye pencil and any metal tool you may have (
Like eyelash curlers).
Just use a single wipe, gently wipe the top cosmetics of the product, or wipe the metal tool thoroughly, and then handle the wipe.
Make sure the surface is dry before using the product or tool again.
Also known as rubbing alcohol, the alcohol spray can be purchased in pharmacies, and it will last for a long time.
Pour some into a small spray bottle (
Those travel size are perfect)
Then spray it once or twice on your Pressed Powder (
Including eye shadow and blush)Cream Makeup (
In a jar or stick)
, Metal tools, and even the interior of the cosmetic bag.
The best way to wash beauty mixers, makeup sponges and brushes with warm soapy water is to use the old-fashioned warm soapy water.
You will need a large glass bowl or plastic container half filled with warm water and then you will add some hand sanitizer or shampoo.
You can also use soap by first moistening the sponge or brush and then rubbing it on the soap to make the foam.
The sponge contains a lot of products, so you may need to repeat the process several times, squeeze out the dirty water and put it back in the bowl and put the soap in.
For brushes, make sure not to drown them out of the top of the metal part, as this can get the glue wet, causing the brush handle to fall off.
Instead, keep the brush straight, immerse the bristles in the water, tap the bottom of the bowl and rotate, then squeeze the dirty water into the sink and repeat.
I like to brush them on the old rag to help the stubborn building
Basic closure (
When you can see the gadget of the product at the end of each pig stle).
Let them air dry, or you can speed up with a hairdryer with very low heat (
High heat can melt the glue).
It\'s great to put your brush and sponge in the sun for a while as the sun also kills bacteria. Want more?
If you are ready to start tidying up your kit but need help replacing your old product with cosmetics that really fit your skin and look fresh and natural, please check my free mini
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