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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-13
Makeup process ~ It is true that teenage girls have always been interested in makeup.
From the moment they could walk, they were interested in lipstick and colored cosmetics found in their mother\'s bedroom.
I\'m the teenager who sneaked into my mom\'s lips and eyeshadow to make the divine mess product, but had so much fun.
In my teens, I took this charm to another level and guided it in a way that became my makeup artist\'s profession, whether it\'s a freelancer or an artist from several well-known cosmetics companies.
Teenagers use makeup costumes on the first day of the school drama club, special family occasions, dressing up, makeup and teenage girls, especially teenage girls are introduced to them
They are passionate about learning and they may not have a salary, so they are keen to know how to make their own lip gloss, cream eyeshadow and many other colored cosmetics and skincare products.
Teens cover 8 different ages, 13-
19 different cultures will have different views on makeup, and if so, it is appropriate when to start makeup.
I have two nieces belonging to girls in their teens, so I made make-up crafts and make-up for different occasions and I am very aware of the different needs of both in character, age and interest.
With this in mind, I have collected some great ideas that you can do one-on-one with your teens, ideas for birthday parties and production of gifts.
Teenagers like to give gifts to friends, which bring great ideas to their friends and family at Christmas, which will save you and them money.
How cool it is for your teens to be able to give their women a relationship some handmade makeup crafts!
Words of Caution
If you are very sensitive, allergic, or usually wear a low chest, always do skin testing on the inside of your elbow with a little finished product
Allergic products.
As with all homemade products, please ask the doctor first if you have any questions.
Sweet Lip Balm ~ Teenage girls like lip balm, so I have sorted out some different flavors that are easily combined by teenage children under the supervision of their parents
If you don\'t already have it in your kitchen cabinet, these ingredients are easily available at your local pharmacy, supermarket or health food store.
They only need 5-
10 minutes is ideal for a small group of teenagers.
Strawberry shortbread lip balm ~ Ingredients: 3 tablespoons cocoa butter 1 vitamin E capsule-teaspoon edible oil 2-
3 peppermint Crystal s8-
You need 10 drops of strawberry flavor oil: 1 small plastic container with lidI small plastic microwave oven to put cocoa butter into a bowl and melt it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, be careful not to burn.
Add a strawberry oil drop and stir until the mix is melted.
You can go back to the microwave oven for about 10 seconds if you need.
Add oil and mint crystal and stir well.
Cut the vitamin E capsule into a bowl and stir well.
Pour the lip balm or spoon into the container and rest for 10 minutes before closing the lid.
Chocolate lip balm ~ Ingredients: 3 tablespoons cocoa butter 5 chocolate chips 1 vitamin E capsule the oyster sauce you need: 1 small plastic container with lid1 small plastic microwave soup spoon melt cocoa butter like strawberry shortcake lip balm.
Stir with chocolate chips until they melt.
Use the microwave for a few seconds if needed.
Stir in the oil.
Cut the vitamin E capsule and stir it evenly.
Pour the lip balm into the container and rest for about 10 minutes.
Other lip balm suggestions: Apple and cinnamon bubble gum and OrangeTips: apply lipstick with lip brush or cotton bud and transfer the lip balm to your back or lips.
Then apply it to the lips with a small finger.
Cream eye shadow ~ This is another must have for all makeup teenagers.
This is a great way to save old or broken powder shadows, we all have had shadows of one way or another.
Cream eyeshadow is cheap and easy to make and is ideal for young wrinkle-free teen skin.
Ingredients: powder eye shadow oil jelly you need: small clean container with tweezers, spoon or something, you can use it to remove the powder from a compact or container clean popsicle or toothpick to start using a spoon or spoon to carefully remove the powder from a compact container and put it into a new container.
Add a small amount of Vaseline and mix together.
Always add a small amount because it is much easier to add than the golden rule to take away cosmetics.
When you mix the two evenly, your cream eye shadow is ready!
Tip: an old contact lens case is a perfect container to clean and dry thoroughly before use.
To help the cream eye shadow stay on the eye, you can use the primer below before applying the eyelid with water;
Allow to dry, then apply eye shadow.
Cream eye shadow is used in a small amount to enhance color intensity.
Amazing mascara ~ What woman (
I can add that there are a lot of people
Can\'t you feel naked without her mascara?
First of all, there is no doubt that I will take it to the desert island, which will be a color cosmetic for me!
The mascara ran out and I saw that I replaced the naked panic with a liquid eyeliner without the eyelash booster.
Teenage girls love mascara, a magical cosmetic that instantly lifts the face in my opinion and experience.
This is my recipe and never get caught like me, it will be a sure fire for teens.
Ingredients: oil fudge (
Black, brown, navy, turquoise or any bright color you want to create a unique look)
You need: small container with glass, cup or small stick, toothpick or even chopsticks for mixing.
Mascara WandMethod: take a small amount of Vaseline with a teaspoon (
About the size of grapes or small coins)
Put it in your bowl
Be careful to add your eyeshadow and scrape off the amount you need.
Mix evenly, mix evenly. Open your lid.
Apply or purchase a new wand in one bag using the old clean mascara stick.
Tip: never throw away the old mascara wand.
Clean and keep eyelashes separate or mascara off the mascara stick.
Be sure to keep it clean after that to prevent cross infection.
Mascara Masss is a cosmetic that should never be shared with anyone.
Eye infection is easy to transfer.
If your mascara tube feels solid or dry, make sure it is tightly sealed before putting it in the hot water that keeps it on top.
This will help to make any product more liquid.
Before applying mascara, gently brush a little lost face powder on the eyelashes.
This makes the eyelashes look thicker.
If you have a small container with no lid, cover it with saran packaging and keep it airtight.
More creative young people with makeup techniques ~ BlusherFake tanbronzerfoundation lipsticnail ArtBath saltssoapower GelScented hair GelBody ScrubsHair conditioning air MasksBody MoisturizersInfused easy steps for the month of skin care ~ Skin care cannot be more emphasized about the importance of children in their teens.
No, they don\'t need extensive or time-consuming skin care procedures, but they do need basic skin care.
The skin of teenagers always shows the hormonal changes that the body of origin is experiencing, and there are often terrible spots in boys and girls.
The use of gentle but effective products will be of great help to them in the next few years, which is crucial if they make up.
Cleaning the skin is the first step.
Use self-made cleaners with natural chemical-free ingredients instead of turning to products purchased in stores, which are usually found at home and can also be bought in supermarkets, health food stores or pharmacies.
Skin toner or tonic is good for removing the last trace of makeup, removing excess sebum or grease, and refreshing skin.
Choose the ingredients that suit your skin type.
If you have oily skin, tomatoes, cucumbers and witch hazel are perfect for use.
A lot more oil is needed for dry skin, so honey, Daisy sugar and rose water are a treatment.
Skin exfoliating once a week or once every two weeks is a great bonus treatment for teenagers.
This brings the skin back to life and keeps the fresh skin cells updated.
The texture of the skin is immediately improved and significantly improved.
Something as simple as sugar and tomatoes can allow teens to exfoliate quickly, simply and effectively.
For teenagers, a light moisturizer is an important factor in starting daily use.
This helps keep the skin soft, nutritious and conditioned in an active life.
Expensive anti-aging creams are not required as the skin and health benefits are very rich in the products found at home.
Mask is a treatment that is not used every week.
A good idea is to use the skin exfoliating cream alternately.
A large number of different delicious ingredients such as strawberries, honey, cream and yogurt can be used to make a mask for any skin type.
The mask will deeply clean the pores and help to remove impurities and dirt that may not be accessible to the cleaner.
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