make-up artist reveals her diy tips for getting that hollywood glow at home - including achieving \'fluffy\' brows with mascara and using lip balm to make your own highlighter

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-06
Well-known brands-
Up artists who work for some of the biggest brands in fashion have revealed her best tips for achieving a model image.
Viorela Coman from London has worked with Chanel, Burberry, Charlotte Tilbury and Heidi Klein --
And easy-to-use hackers get models on the runwayand fast.
The expert specifically told FEMAIL about her DIY beauty tips --
Include applying a spray on the mascara stick, passing through the eyebrows, forming a fluffy eyebrow, and adding eye drops to restore the mascara.
She also suggested applying lip balm at the highest point of the cheekbone to make a highlighter.
Before starting your production
General, create your own customization-
Prepare the skin so that any product can sit well.
A clay mask will help reduce pores and improve skin tone.
You now have the green light to start makeup.
Select the base of the light coverage, and then refine any problematic area by applying the masking cream on it.
Apply soothing and plump moisturizer and primer to make the makeup look fresh all day long. Light-
With a light foundation, one hand over the top of the skin to create the perfect HD-
Good skin tone
Buffer it with a synthetic skin tone brush or a skin tone sponge to achieve the perfect effect.
Set the look of your finished product with the best styling powder.
One of the legends of the makeup artist is Laura mecil\'s Translucent Loose set powder and Charlotte Tilbury\'s spray gun finish flour
Stars like Amale Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Salma hahayek.
If you are struggling with spots, crush aspirin into powder and add two drops of water.
You will get a creamy texture that you can use to make them disappear in a few hours --
A perfect last minute live remedy to get out at night!
Eye drops can also be used to remove redness, inflammation, or spots.
A drop or two can help shrink the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and eliminate all these annoying problems --
How does celebrity\'s eyes look so smooth on the carpet?
Apply starry eye shadow on cream and skin tone with your fingers to achieve minimal and beautiful results, make sure you have prepared the lid with eye primer to fix it.
Open your eyes with a mascara-
This trick will completely change your whole look.
Add a generous mascara coat and make sure you\'re wearing rain/water proof-resistant one.
Along the way, apply separate lashes to highlight your magnetic glaze and place them at the outer corner of the eye to perfect the shape of the cat\'s eye.
A secret weapon to restore mascara and dry gel eye mask is to add some eye drops and mix them in.
It refreshes the product and allows you to get some extra use from the product.
Eyebrows are the backbone of your face, so be extra careful.
Brush them with a clear mascara stick to enhance them and give you an extra definition of how you look.
Spray the hair gel on the mascara stick, cross your eyebrows, lift them up, place them all day long, and create the dreamy Cala delaven fluffy eyebrows.
Take care of your lips use a lip brush to remove any dryness and add lip balm to keep them in perfect shape.
After that, make perfect lip shape with liquid and long time
Put on Charlotte Tilbury\'s lipstick.
The Red Lips will balance your lovely fresh base and look high --end.
If you tap a bit at the highest point of your cheekbones, transparent lip balm can be used as a gorgeous highlighter.
If you want to plump your lips, massage a drop of hot sauce on your lips: all the spicy ingredients inside increase the volume, perfect lip shape.
After a minute, wash it off your lips, admire your new amazing lips, and apply your usual lipstick.
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