Mac2017 disc spring eye shadow color try color mac2017 years eye shadow color chart

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-20
MAC eye shadow of house is very nice oh! And the eye shadow of 2017 it is a very bright color, make feet spring makeup is no problem! Take a look at mac2017 disc spring eye shadow color, try color mac2017 spring eye plate color, color MAC disc spring 2017 four color eye shadow 'MAC Kabuki Magic Dazzleshadow X 4 the Palette' MAC makeup artist cooperation with three level icon has created the Make - in the spring of 2017 Up Art series, including cooperation with Magic in Kabuki four color eye shadow tray, is undoubtedly the most excellent products in this series. Packing: packed in a compact yakeli square housing, capacity of each color is 1. 5 g, cover with a beautiful embossed gold lettering. Color number: Letty Lynton: silvery white pearl eye shadow with Bai Seliang slice of Heaven Loves You: golden pearl eye skin with gold sequins Last Dance: baby pink eye shadow with silver pink sequins Humoresque: with partial light piece of wine red pearl eye shadow release date: website have been sold in addition, MAC 9 color eye shadow plate and a Spring Festival! Continue to come and see! Try mac2017 years eye shadow color chart below to introduce the MAC home New Year's eye shadow tray complete description inspiration comes from the color of the snow, from matte to velvet texture luster series, nine kinds of saturated soft tonal concentrated in a pan eye shadow. Product efficacy limited nine color eye shadow tray: shop price 420 yuan precision liquid eyeliner pen: shop price 220 yuan fine eyebrow pencil: shop price 160 yuan embellish mining induced optical series lipstick: shop price 170 yuan fashion rouge: shop price 230 yuan chun mining milk before makeup: shop price 440 yuan
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