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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-20
Loose Powder cosmetic is a fine powder used to give velvet-like suede
Just like the gloss of the facial skin.
It also covers up any fine lines, flaws, black spots, etc.
Present on the skin, giving the skin a smooth, wonderful glowing look.
Loose powder is an essential part of a person\'s makeup process.
These powders are delicate and transparent, giving a radiant golden and velvet glow.
They are as consistent as a soft, loose baby powder.
They rarely come in, or have plastic boxes or shaker containers with holes on the screen.
People should shake a little powder when they need it.
Loose powder for a variety of purposes such as skin balance, hiding scars, oil control, providing a bronze gloss, minimizing fine lines, etc.
Loose Powder Makeup is suitable for men and women. It is a very light fine powder.
It is mainly to give the face a more natural and fresh look.
In addition, it helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin and provides a matte surface for the skin.
Loose powder also helps cover up different blemishes, brown spots on the skin, making the skin look smooth and flawless.
It has a makeup set for long wear, no oil, it looks natural and does not appear in powder.
Since the powder is translucent, it helps the skin to breathe.
Loose powders are superior to tight powders because they do not gather and condense and give a delicate and elegant finish to the face.
There are different types of loose powder, such as Translucent loose powder, loose powder full of moisture and talc.
Each of us belongs to one of these skin types: normal, oily, dry, combined and sensitive skin.
Depending on the type of skin we personally have, we need to choose loose powder.
For a normal type of skin, there is no torture to choose loose makeup because you can wear any loose makeup.
In all types of loose powder, however, translucent powder is preferred because it absorbs if any excess oil does lubricate the face.
For dry skin, light
Deflection, water injection into loose powder is the best.
The dry skin around the eyes and forehead looks very dry.
Therefore, it is recommended to use the type full of moisture, because the moisture in the powder moisturizes the skin.
Translucent powder suitable for oily and combined skin.
Then there are different shades of powder makeup;
From light beige to deep cocoa, choose according to your skin tone.
You can also get colorless or translucent that works for any skin tone.
Test the color of the loose powder on your face before purchasing.
This is because the shadow of the hand is different from the face.
Powder Makeup itself is an art.
The trick is to apply enough loose powder so that the powder becomes completely invisible and one\'s face looks natural.
Even if you apply a little more on your face, it will make your face look like a mask.
So the key is to apply the correct amount.
: You need a fluffy makeup brush to apply loose makeup (kabuki brush)
And makeup.
Let them go out and get ready to use.
Also, turn on the lights.
Don\'t make up in a dimly lit room.
Wash your face with facial cleanser and dry it.
Apply whatever foundation makeup is suitable for your skin type.
Then apply the appropriate masking cream.
: Let some powder come out by tapping the bottom of the loose powder container.
Gently pat the brush into the powder and pat it on the edge of the container to allow all the excess powder to fall off the brush.
: Now take the powder-sprinkled brush to your face and start dusting your face with it.
From the center of the face, gradually move to the side.
Make sure the nose, cheekbones, forehead, and other parts of the face receive equal attention.
If you find extra loose powder on any part, brush it off.
Loose makeup can basically eliminate excess grease and shine on the face.
The finish was fantastic and the makeup looked and felt great.
And it can last longer!
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