Look from double 11, the latest trend of beauty makeup cosmetics OEM

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-14
From this year's double 11 Tmall booking data, beauty makeup to protect skin to taste the trend must have very obvious. Beauty makeup to booking account for 47. 1%, while the sheet is tasted accounted for 33%, over 200 million accounts for about 13%. And these items are very popular item this year, respectively is: lancome powder clear water ying toner, shiseido, red kidney essence dew essence, l 'oreal black and purple iron eye cream, Olay pale spot small white and light feeling small white bottles, little brown bottle of blue eye frost resistance and little brown bottle essence dew. Heralding item especially essence and eye cream is a popular choice cosmetics OEM.

from the aspects of function, these a few products are main anti-aging, reduce fine lines, hydrating and whitening brighten. To fade out fine lines, resistance to early old as products a total of 11 main function demands, accounted for 37%; Hydrating and moisturizing as the main function of selling products, a total of eight, 27% of the whole; Main compact, repair, and improve skin elastic products a total of 7, accounted for 23%; Whitening and brightening products a total of 4, 13%.
5 minutes to booking from consumers this year sales top sales beauty makeup all day last year, the future consumer protect skin to taste appeal continues to grow, only grasp the good trend, the market is limitless. Lowers himself in big development at the same time, the Chinese also in constant progress, the product more and more get the favor of consumers. Cosmetics factory is also a main anti-aging products, including time frames, anti essence of fine lines and three minutes to go pouch, bright eye cream and hot products, is willing to cooperate with the masses of people with lofty ideals, to create high quality skincare brand.

on products, cosmetics factory is adopting the safe extraction effect of the plant components, use of foreign high-quality raw materials, from the source to ensure good quality! Cosmetics factory will use their 20 years of experience and professional skin care products research and development ability, adherence to the 36 process in each processing step, to customers the best service and best selling brand.


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