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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-26
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Do you get tired of the old makeup? Do you want to buy more makeup to change from a new brand? Especially if you take makeup as a gift because I bet you all have some great cosmetic brands to choose from and then go ahead and read and figure out the answer because through the whole review, I will tell you the list of cosmetic brand names and I will tell you some other interesting information and facts about makeup as well.
Did you know that makeup was originally made in the Egyptian era and they were used to natural elements.
The types of cosmetics they used in the past (
And how they use it)
For example: they painted their eyes, painted dark under their eyelids, and their lashes became darker.
Just as our eyes use eye shadow now, our eyelids use eye masks instead of using mascara now to make their eyelashes black.
Do you also know that in Egypt, in the Victorian era, they used flowers as perfume, nail polish with henna, eye painting with charcoal, and the only person who used cosmetics was a stage actress, working-class women, etc.
Do you know that the word cosmetics is a Latin word? In Latin, cosmetics mean slaves of the Roman era.
The five top cosmetics brands I will tell you are Paris loreyal, Avon, Rimmel, Mac, and finally let\'s not forget Garnier.
Keep reading and find out the amazing cosmetic brands you can buy.
Information about the cosmetics company Loreal Paris I will tell you that the first brand is Loreal Paris.
Most people should know about L\'Oreal Paris as it is one of the best cosmetics brands on the market so far.
One thing that draws everyone\'s attention is that when lorral Parris adds Cheryl Cole to one of their ads, it becomes a huge hit.
Did you know that Cheryl Cole is another reason why Cheryl Cole is famous in the Loreal ad, even though she is a singer and a judge of factor X for Version 7 (
English version)
Now, I will tell you about some of the makeup/makeup equipment provided by the Loreal brand.
The makeup/makeup equipment created by the Loreal brand is called the W7 camouflage kit, the FASH brush set (
18 of them)
, Loreal makeup remover, FASH Studio quality 2011 series makeup brush set with artificial leather bag, goat and nylon (
Including 20 pieces)
, Royal makeup wedge, L\'Oreal HIP perfect liquid makeup honey light 806, W7 makeup kit and more.
So as you can see, there are blush, makeup remover, eye shadow, makeup angle, makeup brush, foundation, etc.
Read on for some information about Avon.
Regarding the information that the cosmetics company AvonNow has turned to Avon, Avon is also a great cosmetics supplier.
Now, I will name some makeup/makeup equipment sold by Avon brand.
Makeup/makeup equipment sold by Avon brand is called Avon skin, so soft dry oil body spray, Avon\'s new beauty lip conditioner, contains retina and collagen, Avon GLIMMERSTICKS waterproof eyeliner blackest night, smoke Diamond eyeliner for Avon Glimmerstick Diamond Avon New Live eye lift glue and lower eye cream, six items,
Perfume set away from Avon
Perfume Spray, sparkling body powder, moisturizing body lotion, perfume body spray, skin softener and deodorant roll, Avon\'s Arabic Glow Bronzing Pearl, Avon sleep therapy Good night pillow mist, avon lights up the face Pearl and so on.
So as you can see, you can get blushers, spray, eye cream, eye mask, etc.
Keep reading and learn some information and facts about makeup company Rimmel.
For information about the cosmetics company RimmelNow, I will tell you about another famous brand, called Rimmel, which you should often see on advertising.
Now, I will name some makeup/makeup devices sold by Rimmel.
Makeup/makeup equipment for sale in Rimmel is Rimmel London glam eye mascara (in black)
Rimmel new Lyka pro nail polish, mineral foundation with long lasting finish at Rimmel (
You can get 440 orange Bliss)
, Rimmel Leica pro nail polish (
White Orchid color can be bought)
, Rimmel glam eye mascara & Rimmel soft Kohl Kajal eye pencil (
Very dark)
Durable finish mineral foundation made of Rimmel London natural ivory.
Read on and learn some information and facts about Mac.
For information about makeup company MacNow, I will tell you that makeup company Mac is an amazing famous makeup brand.
Items you can get from the Mac brand are lip sticks, lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish, facial elements, make-up boxes, wash bags, make-up brushes, nail tools, make-up mirrors, make-up palettes, etc.
So, as you can see, not only will the Mac make-up, but it will sell something else.
Now I will name some product names for Mac.
The product name of Mac is called Beaudet (
This is a 96 Color Eyeshadow Palette)
, Professional makeup brush set package (
Including 34 pieces)
Lip gloss glass lip gloss (elaborate)
Beauty powder blush, Mac studio fix powder plus Foundation, Mac small eye shadow, Max Factor natural mineral foundation studio fix liquid, etc.
Keep reading and find out some interesting information and facts about Garnier.
Information about the makeup company GarnierFinally, but most importantly, let\'s not forget Garnier, which also shows up a lot on ads.
Now I\'m going to name some of the products Garnier does.
Products produced by Garnier are known as Garnier skin Natural Essence pure active scrub, Garnier skin natural essence caffeine eye cream, Garnier skin Natural Essence pure SOS resistance
Pastel pen, canier caffeine resistant
Black circles on white skin 2 in 1 color eye roll, Canary super moisturizing cream pan, Canary pure one night, Canary pure one day and so on.
I hope this information will help you.
I also hope you have learned a new range.
You can choose a list of cosmetics brands to buy new cosmetics.
I hope you enjoyed this article on the list of cosmetics brands.
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