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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-17
The following article provides you with some useful information on how to select and apply the liquid foundation.
Get some great tips on how to use it through it.
Foundation is a kind of cosmetics, it is the basis of good cosmetics.
There are three main types, namely.
Cream, powder and liquid.
The purpose of using any type is to make the skin look perfect.
However, it is observed only when a given result is applied in the right way.
In turn, this is only possible if you have a correct understanding of your skin type and tone and the type of foundation that suits it.
Once you have the knowledge you need, you must get the knowledge that suits you best.
The liquid base is easy to apply compared to other types.
It won\'t leave an easy-to-see effect.
For these reasons, it is usually used by women for daily purposes.
Because you have to use it often, you need to be careful when choosing it.
If you have some basic knowledge of skin types, it will be easier to choose the best task for yourself.
For different skin types, the formula for liquid foundation makeup is different.
They came in from oil.
Basic formula for drying to normal skin in water
Basic formula for oily skin.
The specificity of the liquid formula is usually mentioned on its commercial packaging.
Now even organic food is available.
Be sure to check before buying for yourself.
You have to be aware of the fact that it is very important for the foundation to mix with your skin tone and then present a brighter look.
If not, you may end up with a knot expression and let others know your makeup secrets.
So be careful when choosing the right tone for your skin tone.
Most foundation is pink, yellow and orange. based formulas.
Most women find yellow
Basic formula for their skin tone.
When choosing the color of the Foundation fluid, test it on your chin line and not on your hand or wrist, because your face and neck are usually slightly different from the skin tone of the rest of the body.
If the Foundation blends well with the skin tone of the chin, it fits your skin tone.
For example, if your skin color is a bit ivory or beige, start applying a brush to your neck and move up smoothly.
This will help you get the best game.
Again, if you have a bronze complexion, start putting it on your cheek, move it to your chin, and move it down to your neck.
Now, look at yourself in the mirror.
If it gives you a smoother, brighter, and more perfect look, then it\'s for you.
The one that suits your skin type and tone will prevent you from seeing the blurry painting effect.
Applying for a foundation is an art.
To gain expertise, you must practice the right approach.
Here are the basic instructions on how to apply it.
Prepare your skin so you can comfortably complete the whole task and get the expected results without hurting it.
Apply a layer of high quality moisturizer suitable for your skin.
If you have to go out in the sun, use a sunscreen with sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
Place a small amount of liquid foundation on your middle finger or ring finger.
Don\'t use the index finger because it won\'t give you a smart touch.
You can put it on with a makeup sponge or a brush.
Every time you have to use a foundation, use a clean sponge.
However, in addition to minimizing the waste of this beauty product, applying it with your fingers can also provide maximum coverage.
Apply it with a finger or sponge in a small circular motion.
Move down from the forehead.
When you are close to your neck, make sure the colors dissipate in a natural way.
Do not apply it to the inner corner of the eye and the area below the eye.
It can be wet in a few minutes.
Let it dry.
Relax at the same time.
Patience pays off well when applying other cosmetics.
If you are going out, you have to stay there for a long time and want to stay fresh for a long time;
You can take advantage of a good makeup technique.
Apply thin line liquid foundation under eyebrows.
Let it dry and then cover it with shadow eyeshadow like that.
It will catch eye shadow.
In addition to providing sharper lines for your eyebrow pencil, this combination can also prevent sweating.
With all the tips and techniques for applying foundation liquid, you will definitely look amazing every day.
Practice well in order to achieve the best results.
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