Lipstick processing, men lipstick agent market prospect analysis! ! !

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Men at present, China's cosmetics market is not yet mature, while men lipstick as an important category, is still in the & other Bud & throughout; Stage, with the improvement of people's living standard and changing attitudes of people, is not only a woman, men against their beauty needs, and image creation will have high requirements, cosmetics factory lipstick plant think men lipstick market will usher in rapid development, will become new bon cosmetics market.

lipstick plant cosmetics factory understand now in the market for men's lipstick there are three main, clean lipstick, moisturizing lipstick, renewal and lipstick. Main function is to good clean lipstick deep clean the skin, and the removal of the old waste cutin of skin surface, this lipstick is not targeted, conform to all the men on the market, low-end products have high, low-end products. Mainly to solve the tension in the skin moisturizing lipstick and lack of water, as lipstick is mainly used to sweep off dark heavy, carry bright color of skin.

from mainstream e-commerce sites, including bee network, gather beauty is superior flow larger cosmetics website, and jingdong, amazon, Tmall type electric business platform site, according to data from the target men less lipstick varieties, low price. In le bee network example, only damned, mentholatum, Boston and LanJiNa four brands, single chip prices range from a few dollars to several dozens yuan, visible man lipstick market in China has not been fully effective development on the Internet.

however, the major high-end shops and watsons cosmetics chain, such as men's lipstick, like online mall, elusive, sales personnel to & other; Not to sell, no one to buy & throughout; To explain this phenomenon. According to related survey, at present, China's men's cosmetics category, single function, men such as lipstick functional easy to eye and skin water instead.

in the men's lipstick market still did not get effective development of the status quo, cosmetics factory, lipstick plant sums up the causes the following aspects:

1, in view of the consumer side, men group counterpart red insufficient understanding, and for cosmetics awareness is not high, not effectively stimulate market demand, at the same time use lipstick is relatively time consuming, small consumption desire.

2, in view of the sales terminal, because the lipstick promotion promotion mainly adopts experiential marketing, and most men are not willing to carry on the experience in public, efficacy difficult & other; Easy to see & throughout; 。

lipstick plant think cosmetics factory, marketing men lipstick are available from the following several aspects:

1, positioning the crowd, for men at the same time, to carry on the dislocation of marketing, sales to women, lipstick can be used as a gift to their boyfriend, husband and father; Plus promotion, price of giving even as bonus gift, increase their desire to buy more help men lipstick sales breakthrough.

2, second, high-end lipstick market will have great potential for development, mainly for high-end crowd high-end lipstick, successful people for its image, the consumption level and consumption idea more identity, givenchy, lancome has launched a man lipstick, high-end brand professional man lipstick will have more advantages.

3, at the same time, the marketing channel, lipstick brand can be further development of the marketing and promotion of electric business platform, can effectively avoid many men don't willing to field experience and buy the traditional channels of marketing methods.

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