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【 Lipstick processing] Lipstick market increases, create the most competitive brand to where?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Skin with lipstick and convenient practical this two characteristics, lipstick and more and more welcomed by consumers, according to relevant data show that lipstick lipstick sales amount for 19. 4 billion, 2016, 2017, the digital quantity will exceed 20 billion mark. 2016 - In 2022, China's lipstick market scale will increase from 19. 4 billion yuan to 34. 2 billion yuan. Lipstick market scale in China, to which create the most competitive brand? The famous lipstick OEM/ODM processing plant cosmetics factory lipstick processing factory you can't miss.

fine chemical co. , LTD. Cosmetics factory in lipstick OEM/ODM field already has 20 years of experience, in the well-known lipstick processing industry, has lucid ganoderma extracted plant lipstick and so on a number of invention patents. Beauty professional line of cosmetics factory also become the most brand advantage and competitiveness of enterprises.

cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. , achievements, and its importance to product development and innovation of the intimate relationship. In product research and development, cosmetics factory has its own r&d center, and equipped with a perfect testing equipment, laboratory and factory. Besides cosmetics factory also built a strong r&d team, with French yu yi mei, guangdong pharmaceutical university product research and development institutions to establish a long-term cooperation, developed a lot of new skin care products. Cosmetics factory with its perfect facilities and powerful scientific research team to meet what you think and don't want to, satisfy your different concepts, functions, design the product all the requirements, make the products more rich and unique.

cosmetics factory in management in strict accordance with the GMP/ISO quality service system, from research, localization, research and development, testing, warehousing, logistics, etc. To provide one-stop services, products through chromatographic analyzer, before they go out for skin conducting tests verification and other advanced detection equipment, to ensure quality cosmetics products.

cosmetics factory in the field of lipstick OEM/ODM, has long been the leader in the industry. With lipstick has been expanding its market, the growing market demand, cosmetics factory will continue to attaches great importance to the research and development, standardize management, processing industry in lipstick made some achievements, to create excellent quality, create the most competitive brand and spare no efforts.

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