Lipstick plant, taobao beauty makeup add new label you should know! !

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Taobao new rules: beauty makeup category of new article 7 standard

taobao in everyone's impression is fake, no rules and regulations? Recent taobao beauty makeup category 7 criteria has been added, taobao sellers and goods management is more and more strict, penalties also more and more big, not familiar with the latest rules change, you might want to & other; Throughout the effects &; .

cosmetics factory lipstick plant recently learned that taobao announced the new 'taobao cosmetics industry standard' ( Hereinafter referred to as 'standards') And the criterion of new requirements of article 7 on taobao sellers cosmetics, including the cosmetic label, the quality of the product specification, and imported cosmetics has made the key requirements.

the 'standard' not only clear the taobao sellers and cosmetics industry goods entry requirements, the seller also provides the industry release of cosmetics, title, fill out the requirements, product image, SKU release requirements, release, labeling requirements and quality specifications for details.

among them, the businessman to the product page title name must conform to the state of the request of 'cosmetics naming rules, the title of goods shall not contain any real information with the product irrelevant words or symbols, and these words or symbols express or implied including, but not limited to, medical terminology, medical function and effect of the language, false exaggerating the absolute words, medical celebrity's name, and other countries related law explicitly forbids the use of the word.

in addition, the 'standard' requirement of domestic large importing cosmetics minimum sales package will consist of a Chinese label. Big trade import of cosmetics for special use cosmetics should obtain corresponding the special approval number; Big trade import not special use cosmetics for special use cosmetics for the record. Once found, sales in violation of the provisions of the cosmetics, taobao will be based on 'taobao to ban commodity management norms' of the relevant provisions of the corresponding punishment.

it is worth mentioning that to avoid taobao merchants have to low drainage, 'standard' for goods ( SKU) Release also made specific provision, lowest price and highest price shall not be too big, and there is no SKU must not be put together with regular SKU sales. 'Standard' and regulation of different categories of commodities should be separate links, different articles are not permitted to be released in the form of multiple images or text under the same commodity; Shall not release any goods and real information in the SKU irrelevant words or pictures, such as & other; Anniversary & throughout; 、“ Don't take & throughout; 、“ Take contact customer service throughout the &; And so on.

the lipstick cosmetics factory processing plants to understand because in recent years, due to the cosmetic safety accidents occur frequently, the national level and to strengthen the supervision. Taobao as the seller's, the change rule is to strengthen and standardize the taobao beauty makeup category management, at the same time improve the consumer shopping experience. The rule change on February 17, 2017 of the public notice, to take effect on February 24.

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