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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
“ 15 minutes, a new face to you. ” So the temptation to let you how indifferent? Today, lipstick for its convenient use and high efficiency has become the indispensable to when beauty skin care products. As more and more audience, efficacy class lipstick emerge in endlessly, quality of a material is also in constant innovation, but the quality is uneven. Lipstick on the market price from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, quality and safety of once again become a consumer class problem. How to choose suits own lipstick? How to use lipstick to make maximum efficacy? Cosmetics lipstick processing factory to help you.

Q1 in the whole process of skin care, what plays a lipstick effect?

A: lipstick in the process of skin care have brought forward under the rev. , and can focus and the important role to solve the problem of some sort of skin in A timely manner. And apply lipstick is not only an important step in the skin maintains, is also a way to enjoy the finer things in life.

Q2: lipstick brand in the market now is numerous, the quality is uneven, how should we choose?

A: lipstick this suffering from popular functional skin care item, actually already had thousands of years of history. As far back as ancient Egypt, cleopatra with egg white and apply face, such as fruits and vegetables to maintain their appearance. Nowadays, lipstick this beauty makeup item heartthrob, more we provided abundant choice. But the lipstick on the market quality good and bad are intermingled, inferior lipstick will add harmful additives, apply face easy to sensitive phenomenon for a long time, so need we drawn when buy more. First of all, be sure to select the regular brand of lipstick, only the regular channel production of lipstick have quality assurance. Secondly, according to the type of lipstick and lipstick paper materials for choice. Apply the sticker to lipstick can help essence one-way penetration into the skin, in the quality of the paper emphasize the considerations when choosing lipstick, as its core component of the medium, lipstick paper need to moderate thickness and tactility is exquisite. Finally, on the essence and effect in the lipstick, is we choose one of the important standards of lipstick. Lipstick contains essence should contain the right amount of moisturizer, lock water and enhance skin's own moisturizing barrier, on the basis of the added whitening, anti-aging and so on different efficacy of formula to meet the demand of different skin care.

Q3: with different efficacy of lipstick, every time be dazzled?

A: the lipstick effect is mainly divided into three categories: clean, nourishing and targeted lipstick. The clean class lipstick is given priority to with daub of mud membrane, help cleanse skin and dredge pores, suggest to use once a week, up to two times, can help regulate the skin grease is secreted aged cutin and improve metabolism. Nourish the kind of lipstick is mainly to help skin maintain moisture, whitening, anti-wrinkle, as well as the purpose, to import a lot of essence of skin, skin Suggestions according to their own needs, two to four times a week. And targeted lipstick, it is aimed at the eyes or T area and other special areas to focus on a particular skin problem. According to their own needs to choose to use a good skin, of course, also can match the other partition of lipstick lipstick mix.

Q4: all say apply lipstick as often as possible, the longer the better, is that true?

A: the need to choose according to their own characteristics to skin, also depends on the kind of lipstick. Hydrating lipstick can use every day, use time suggested that 10 - 15 minutes with respect to ok. If want to increase the effectiveness of lipstick, it is suggested that in 10 - Between 15 minutes using a spray to avoid lipstick kill, absorb the moisture in the skin cutin layer, if apply lipstick time excessive & other; Overruns & throughout; , it will lead to skin water loss of oxygen. Clean class lipstick everyday use will cause skin sensitive, swelling, and even that is not yet ripe for cutin losing their ability to resist foreign invasion, so use no more than 3 times a week.

Q5: how to use a lipstick to maximize its effect?

A: first of all to do subtraction of skin care, skin is clean. After cleansing facial pores will be fully open and conducive to the lipstick of essence of nutrient absorption. Remember to use make up cotton before apply lipstick to apply make up water, help skin to absorb opening, better to absorb the essence ingredients in lipstick. Remember to lie on your back or use essence when using import instrument to improve the absorption of the essence. Lipstick is cyclical, moreover, protect skin to taste, if not on the surface of the lock water and nourish, nutrient loss easily from lipstick, so after apply lipstick must daub skin care products as usual.

Q6: apply lipstick have tingling is how to return a responsibility? How can I make a flake lipstick break?

A: eliminate sensitive to stimulate smaller chance of such skin stress reaction, the source of most tingling because skin lacks water, skin quickly absorb A large number of moisture during apply lipstick, there will be A slight tingling. So before apply good hydrating will dilute the pain reduction. Lipstick and fit of skin to absorb nutrients is very important, creases, bump can make absorption effect. When using, it's best to stick up, from the forehead to light by the eyes, nose, and along the cheeks flat, try not to let the lipstick and there is air between the skin.

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