Lipstick plant, take you to distinguish the OEM, ODM, OBM

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Processing plants, cosmetics factories lipstick take you understand the definition of OEM, ODM, OBM them, how to distinguish, and the differences between them, and allow you to better understand your need is what type of service.
OEM ( 起源委托生产) Is the basic meaning of brand production cooperation, commonly known as & other Stick a card & throughout; 。 Is product of brand producers not direct production, they use their mastery of the & other; The core of key technology & throughout; Responsible for design and development of new products, control sales sales & other; Channels & throughout; , and the production ability is limited, even no production line, plant, in order to increase production and sales, in order to reduce the risk of a new production line, in order to win the market time, even through the way of contract order entrust other similar products manufacturers, the products ordered to buy at a lower price, and directly with your own brand logo. The entrust others to OEM production cooperation way, carries on the processing tasks are known as OEM manufacturers, their products is OEM products.

ODM ( 原始设计制造商) The original design manufacturers. OEM feature is: technology, capital, market, only production. Refers to a company according to the specifications of another company to design and production of a product. Computer companies such as HP company might, for example, its, think to market a laptop specifications. They are specifically listed the appearance of the product requirements, such as the size and technical requirements of the screen, input/output port, the keyboard forward degree, shape and color of the laptop bag, such as the location of the speaker. Specified they also usually the main internal details of product specifications such as CPU or video controller. However, they do not design pattern, not specifically listed power switching transistor model, also no backlight inverter frequency to choose. These are the ODM's work. ODM according to the requirements of the specifications of the computer company puts forward to design and produce laptops. Sometimes, ODM can also production according to the existing sample. ODM way tend to pay more attention to the cooperation, and in the case of the OEM, the purchaser's basic not to participate in product specifications.

理论( 原始品牌制造商) , the original brand manufacturers, is a recent popular term. Refers to the manufacturer to create brand products, production, sales, with independent brand of products. It is thought that buying existing brands, obtained by way of franchising brands can also be counted as part of OBM.

it is above us about the definition of OEM, ODM, OBM. Everybody counterpart red processing have a primary understanding! Still a little fuzzy, so we'll take a look at the following the difference.

the primary difference between OEM and ODM product design schemes is that the former is by the principal & ndash; — No matter who the overall design is completed by & ndash; — And the trustee shall not provide third party USES the design of the product; While the latter from design to production is completed by the producers themselves, in branded after molding, products bought from you. Whether producers for the third party to produce the same products, depending on the party to buy the design scheme. OEM products is right off for brand manufacturers, production can only use the brand name, absolutely can't crown producers in their own name and then to production. While the ODM watch brands have to buy the product of the copyright. If not, the manufacturer shall have the right to organize production, as long as no company design recognition. To put it bluntly, OEM and OEM difference, the core is the product who enjoys intellectual property rights, if clients enjoy the product of the intellectual property rights, it is OEM, also known as the & other; OEM & throughout; ; And if it is the producer of the overall design, that is the ODM, commonly known as & other; Stick a card & throughout; 。
we cosmetics factory processing plants, processing is a one-stop cosmetics company, brand for you. Have a need to understand the points below.

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