Lipstick plant - — Registration for the record you need to know the whitening cosmetics

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
April 11, 2014, the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau, whitening cosmetics in special use cosmetics, cosmetics for special declaration licensing procedures in strict accordance with the current regulations require execution, so the registered whitening cosmetics companies and businessmen to take note. Everyone here is lipstick cosmetics factory processing plants to clean whitening cosmetics registration rules.

a, about whitening cosmetics registration management related work

( A) About the scope of whitening cosmetics. Every product claims on the skin itself, whitening whitening effect, and in strict accordance with the special use cosmetics licensing management; Products by physical way cover effect, and the effect that explicitly contain whitening, whitening into words, into the implementation management of special use cosmetics, cosmetics for special audit requirement with reference to the relevant provisions; Products consumers express or implied by physical way cover effect, effect that does not contain whitening, whitening into words, according to the special use cosmetics for filing management.

( 2) About the effect of whitening cosmetics claim management. Only has the role of product such as cleaning, peels, shall not fabricate concept, mislead consumers think products with whitening whitening function; Sales of the products in the form of whitening series suits, series of products shall have at least one product for whitening cosmetics, internal item don't have beautiful white effect, not by filling & other; Whitening series & throughout; The disguised form of claim whitening function.

( 3) Registration according to the procedures of whitening cosmetics. Whitening cosmetics declaration of cosmetics for special licensing procedures in strict accordance with the current regulations. Only has the effects of physical cover whitening cosmetics with reference to the current imported cosmetics for special not declare the review procedure, product declaration does not need to submit production hygiene audit opinions, inspection report can be submitted in accordance with the requirements for the special use cosmetics testing, sample sealed samples directly by the cosmetic administrative licensing inspection institutions, and other Product category & throughout; Indicated in the bar & other; The spot class ( Only has the effects of physical cover) ” 。

2, arrangement of whitening cosmetics transition

have been granted registration certificate ( The certificate) Whitening cosmetics, to the original record ( Permission) Management department to apply for registration certificate ( The certificate) The validity of continuation, the original record ( Permission) The validity of administrative department shall, in accordance with the provisions of the original, and urge to guide enterprises to complete before June 30, 2015 product category changes.

have obtained registration certificate or the certificate of whitening cosmetics for changes to the product category or to declare special use cosmetics, do not need to submit production hygiene audit opinion. 'Notice' cosmetics for record before carrying out designated inspection agencies or cosmetic inspection institutions have to accept the administrative licensing of whitening cosmetics, has the test items do not need to fill do separately. Added to fill do the test items, test report shall be issued by the cosmetic administrative licensing inspection institutions, the sample of the batch is not the same as the original test batch, sample sealed samples by the cosmetic administrative licensing inspection institution.

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