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【 Lipstick plant 】 Man is lipstick of potential market demand?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-21
The heart of the beauty of the person all has, especially China is a country yan an, who wouldn't want to have a high level of appearance to attract the attention of others? So not only female counterpart red fondle admiringly on skin care, many men have also become the fans of lipstick. That man is lipstick of potential market demand? The following cosmetics factory lipstick plant for you.

the potential market demand?

lipstick cosmetics factory processing plants to a consumers often use lipstick tells a reporter, he began to use lipstick from college. First is according to the online recommendation, you buy mouth busy anything, foreign brands used morita, meidi huier also used my beauty diary, homebred brand used membrane family and leaves. And asked if the purchase channels, more is given priority to with offline watsons, and give priority to with the seller recommended, because they are more professional. Is doing activities when buying on the Internet. According to a guide said: men, especially for the cosmetics don't know man, know their demands, to introduce the product, slightly sell-through rate is very high.

upstream of the blank

despite more male consumers demand for skin care, but most of the brands party for its fancy but not reflected in this respect.
processing plants, cosmetics factories lipstick on the Internet now have a separate dedicated to few men use lipstick brand. In addition to the three big men & other; Giant & throughout; — — L 'oreal, nivea and acnes, only some of the men's skin care brands such as gough, jewell and some other brands are doing, SKU, low sales, small volume, less. And according to an agent, mentholatum the mouth of the red line is not mentholatum this enterprise production. So & other; The big three & throughout; In fact, only two layout man lipstick.
online reaction is not strong, the line is more cold. Reporters visited some stores in henan, found that compared with economy more developed regions such as guangdong, Shanghai, henan daily chemical shop ( The large chain) On the proportion of men's products, but also relatively low, not the number of brands, even fewer category, many small stores only foam cleanser, have other skin care is not a lot.

“ Male consumers in henan's main shopping channels or in business super, is not transferred to CS shop, so the market performance is not very good. ” Henan Wang Shuanglu told reporters on the body: & other; Henan consumer awareness is relatively more developed eastern provinces to lag behind a lot, so it is in the phase of unstable consumer education. To be sure, however, over time, there must be a explosive growth. ”

there is demand, but why don't men lipstick brand do?

is very simple, now has the lipstick brand, regardless of whether the common men and women, were able to meet the needs of male consumers. Just in the packaging image will have different tastes. Such as colour cannot too colorful, the best and the dark grey of a common can highlight texture cleanser, refused to small and pure and fresh, pink almost zero tolerance. It is best not to have a little meat endorsement, at the very least, lipstick on the wrapping paper of their personal image will not occur, because does not have the sense. Lipstick plant that cosmetics factory, however, they still want to shop in some lipstick brand provided specifically for men, such special must not hesitate to buy lipstick. If not, as far as possible, or put some lipstick in men's area.

it is true that there are, according to data in 20 - Within the scope of 30 men because & other; More targeted products & throughout; Purchase new cosmetics in 31 - 45, the range of the data reached 67%, is the most important factor. Followed by the two factors is & other; New product category & throughout; And & other; The new product status & throughout; 。 Visible, when consumer is buying the purpose of strong men. But the market can afford them & other; Purpose & throughout; Products are few and far between. Lipstick can fight faster into the Dead Sea, colour makeup began to reign, but now, men's cosmetics is considered a tuyere, why lipstick is always unknown?

cosmetics factory lipstick plant think should according to the man of consumer demand, targeted to treat men lipstick, lipstick thriving methods may be men.

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