Lipstick plant - — Lanzhou hairdressing cosmetic and business operation entities must be licensed

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
On January 1, 2017, the cosmetics production license is unified, cosmetics production enterprise held by the national industrial products production license and cosmetics production enterprise health license invalid automatically, and since January 1, 2017, has not obtained the cosmetics production license of cosmetics production enterprises, shall not be engaged in cosmetics production. Cosmetics factory lipstick plant as early as 2016 to the new 'cosmetics production license'. Regulation is to maintain public health and beauty of the people's livelihood project, in order to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics business use, March 2, chengguan district lanzhou city food and drug administration issued hairdressing cosmetic industry regulatory notice, the hairdressing hair care cosmetics business ( Use) Unit must hold a valid business license to carry out service activities.

lipstick plant cosmetics factory understand told explicitly pointed out that, in the book the hairdressing hair care cosmetics business ( Use) Unit must hold a valid business license to carry out service activities. When buying cosmetics must obtain the following information: cosmetics production enterprise and the supplier's business license; Cosmetics production license, cosmetics production enterprise health license invalid automatically ( The December 31, 2016 products can sale until the end of the period of validity) ; Cosmetics for special import, administrative license or registration certificate, approval documents of domestic cosmetics for special filing and inspection passed by; Cosmetic inspection report or certificate. Imported cosmetics effective inspection and quarantine certificate.

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when buy cosmetics must be strictly rope ticket; Buy cosmetics should conduct incoming inspection, cosmetics labels must indicate: product name, name and address of the manufacturing enterprise, the net content, the whole composition table, shelf life etc. Shall establish purchase parameter and sales parameter.

are not allowed to use the following products:
did not get a production license production of cosmetics;
has not obtained the approval number special-use cosmetics;
number of colon cosmetics;
without registration or registration of imported cosmetics;
tag, false or exaggerated propaganda on the manual note indication, publicity effect and medical terminology of cosmetics;
without incoming inspection of cosmetics;
after expiration of the period for use of cosmetics;
are not allowed to be in violation of the show me the relevant provisions of the ticket and parameter management.

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