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【 Lipstick plant 】 How to correctly use lipstick?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Lipstick is nowadays become one of the efficient protect skin to taste, and its rapid relief of all kinds of skin problems is popular with women, but also need to apply lipstick to master the correct method, otherwise the effect will be discounted, so specific how to apply the lipstick is right? You have to see what's the lipstick plant cosmetics factory for professional.

the first step:

everyone's skin is different, use lipstick is also different, avoid skin allergy occurs when apply lipstick, so apply lipstick in hand back before I can apply a little lipstick, about 30 minutes or so, no reaction, can be used.

the second step:
apply lipstick before, first clean face makeup, or chamfer, absorb to lipstick, also avoid dirt in pores, can only make the pores open, wash your face the essence of the lipstick to import our skin.

the second step:
with a warm towel apply face. In order to increase the skin absorption ability, can use warm towel apply face after cleansing; Without towel, can use a sponge to soak in warm water, and a minute later twist dry apply on the face, so that the wool stoma open, ensure smooth face better to absorb the essence of lipstick.

the third step:
heating lipstick. With warm water soak lipstick, help lipstick essence absorption; When the lipstick have slight hot feeling, can transmit the essence is very smoothly to the bottom layer of our skin, play to the essence of a function.

the fourth step:
proper way to apply lipstick. Open lipstick, place shut up red with two forefinger and middle finger, and then apply gently on the face, then gently with our stomach dropped the air pressure, and massage to fully absorbed the essence of the lipstick.

the fifth step:
uncovered the lipstick with a massage. His face with residual whitening essence, massage technique pushed it away; During the massage, we use the lotus hand gently lifted up, and then to the forehead, pushed to the temple, after the ear than & other; Throughout the &; Posture massage back and forth, up and down and then the same method to the neck gently and lymphatic, clavicle, so that you can let us the essence of all in the bottom layer of our skin.

the sixth step: after
apply lipstick, want to use warm water to clean it again first, reoccupy cold towel cold shrink pores and then coated with cream.

cosmetics factory lipstick plant warm prompt:

apply lipstick is good, but not too often, use twice a week About three times.
grasp time: time & other; Overruns & throughout; , can lead to skin water loss, alongwith. Use time grasp the following specification and lipstick, lipstick is off in about 15 minutes commonly, so as to avoid lipstick after working against absorb moisture from the skin; High water content, can use for a while, but up to 30 minutes will be removed.

and cosmetics factory lipstick plant is a research and development, production, sales and service in one lipstick processing enterprises. With modern production equipment, GMP production workshop, first-class ERP enterprise management system, and established a team of senior beauty research expert, professor of medicine at elite r&d team, Dr, etc. And guangdong college of pharmacy combining the cosmetic research center core members, the introduction of high-tech technology, supercritical fluid extraction and natural plants and Chinese herbal medicine effective component was applied to lipstick in the research and development, is committed to providing customers with first-class, sophisticated products and make unremitting struggle.

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