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Lipstick plant how to choose?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Autumn, the weather is becoming more and more dry, skin water shortage became sister are common problems, lipstick gradually become the necessities in people's lives. Vast market prospects for development, both in research and development strength, marketing and supply chain aspects compared to previous years are a great progress. Are you create brand enterprise, at a worry about how to choose a lipstick plant? Follow the below small make up and see it!

in the first place, the lipstick processing factory to obtain the certificate of honor, patent certificate, and ISO200716:2007, ISO9001 and other international certification is complete, the special focus is the unity of the two certificates of cosmetics production license last year.

then, you have to see if there is a deeper lipstick plant qualifications, whether in the research and development has a wealth of experience on lipstick, because one has experienced the lipstick processing factory development of the brand is more, natural high visibility, credibility, reputation. In this industry, they will not only give full play to the technology and design strength, combined with their respective advantages to collaborate production, reduce costs, improve the economic benefit. Can more objectively analyze the international and domestic market conditions, and accurately judge the development direction of products.

then there are advantages of hardware, technology. Hardware refers to the manufacturer of the equipment is advanced, is automatic. Factories can reach standard of health, how to clean level. Generation process there are different kinds of lipstick, whether on the moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening effect and so on all has a good reputation. What so-called technology is a manufacturer with research and development division, research and development team, can with special technology, can have a batch of qualified chemical factory, can produce good quality products according to customer's request.

in addition, the processing factory is lipstick can give you more value-added services, for example, can help customers company and brand registration; Help customers to brand planning, product positioning, packaging design; Help customers both products of the company for the record, and a series of value-added services.

in the end, is about brand enterprise's attention on the price. Created in the process of brand, the price is more and more become the brand enterprise holds the market restrictions, which mostly selected from the unit price has the advantages of lipstick plant. But there is a kind of consideration, choose a free service project more, not also is a kind of price advantage?

now lipstick market after nearly 10 years of education and promote, lipstick peremptory has become a protect skin to taste of FMCG, you cannot fail to grasp the market opportunity? Cosmetics factory, with a seniority of lipstick processing plant 20 years, whitening, hydrating silk silk lipstick lipstick, resistance spot wrinkles silk lipstick, can processing production, look forward to cooperation with you.

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