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【 Lipstick plant 】 Do you know what a 'good lipstick in China' is how processing?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Recently acquired by l 'oreal is beautiful lipstick collection of less than 200 million yuan, compared with the same plunged into 6, the other people looking to focus on domestic lipstick. Thus, a leaf, mud fang, such as the rise of Chinese brand, leading the lipstick market growth. With the mintel report concluded that China lipstick market capacity will reach 13 billion in 2019. Is behind such a large market demand, the consumer market for & other; Throughout China & good lipstick; Has become China's confidence, because lipstick can compete with foreign brands category.
then a & other; Throughout China & good lipstick; How is processed out?
it is well known that the lipstick industry in our country at present mainly depends on the generation of processing lipstick plant. Although the inevitable there will be a lipstick & other; Homogeneity & throughout; Problems, but with some strong lipstick factory continuously strengthen technical innovation, lipstick constantly develop new products, lipstick markets are flowers. Return to lipstick and machining, however, when the lipstick essence ingredients of innovation under the constantly changing, lipstick and processing of a series of process is to realize the standardization.
lipstick processing standardization step is what?
lipstick processing project execution process
1, the project definition & ndash; Definition of customer demand, product demand, business requirements and service demand
2, project & ndash; Product scheme, investment scheme, the cooperation intention, specific business.
3, project testing & ndash; Product samples, using effect, color, quality testing, packaging, quality, capacity test; Packaging specification test, etc.
4, determine project & ndash; Identify all sub-projects sealing version; Signed a cooperation contract, etc.
5, project processing & ndash; Can be divided into three parts A and production

B, product C

lipstick, logistics control processing way:
1) semi-finished products plant to provide raw materials, formulation with
(2) the plant to provide raw materials, finished products
3. To materials processing
4 to formula processing

of course, A & other Throughout China & good lipstick; Processing is not a simple 5 projects can be achieved, which involved about management systematic, internationalization of r&d, production automation, etc all kinds of heavy and complicated content. Especially emphasize the lipstick industry & other; Decision process idea core competitiveness & throughout; The reason why.
cosmetics factory lipstick lipstick processing factory to provide you with one-stop processing services, including research and development technology, countries imported cosmetics semi-finished products, product packaging, production, brand positioning & hellip; And so on. 20 years of experience in research and development of lipstick and exquisite technology, guangdong pharmaceutical university professors and more research and development team, for your lipstick quality escort.

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