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Lipstick plant decryption lipstick market opportunities for you in where?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
With the development of lipstick, the market also appeared a lot of problems, more and more fierce competition, a lot of lipstick brand bucket wall, survival is the margins of society, some even failure, so the future of lipstick market in where? How to get the market, market share increase lipstick? As one lipstick factory with 20 years experience in research and development of cosmetics factory thought mainly from three aspects.

1, lipstick on the various morphological development situation of
patch lipstick market share while still is one of the biggest, but its growth rate has fallen three consecutive years, but some new form of lipstick has maintained rapid growth, such as tear type lipstick year-on-year 86%, year-on-year 42% of mud lipstick. At the same time of rapid growth, in the form of the lipstick sales market share is not low, up to 2. 5% and 4. 7%. This shows that consumer demand is more and more diversified in the form of red. To accurately grasp the consumer trends and can capture the market.

2, consumers counterpart red
preferences change took place on consumer demand for lipstick function obviously advanced, from the basic nursing care to the repair of skin and even deeper maintenance. Data show that partial foundation of whitening and moisturizing still is one of the biggest market share, but growth is limited, and partial function of advanced repair ease the growth reached 43%; With pores management ( Cleaning/tight) Function of lipstick growth reached more than 30%; At the same time have the repair slow and pores clean effect of lipstick, growth was 55%; Other lipstick with fix relieve or pores management functions are also appeared a certain extent. Look from this change, find the preferences of consumers for different efficacy lipstick direction, product positioning in the brand development is of great significance.

3, consumer preferences for prices
the price of the lipstick industry is very competitive, businesses through continuous discount promotions to promote clinch a deal, but from the point of the change trend of consumers to pay the price, low price is not necessarily the most popular with consumers.
we through comparing all kinds of lipstick over the price of the product number and clinch a deal the product number, summed up the number of clinch a deal the goods accounted for the highest price for top level section, clinch a deal the number of price segment of significantly greater than the number of stores accounted for a relatively smaller potential price competition. For example, patch type moisturizing lipstick selling price in the 3 - 7 yuan, but the potential price in 5 - 9 yuan.

by analyzing potential sale and the price of the lipstick paragraph summary, we found that the potential of most commodities prices will be higher than the current mainstream price segment a class. That consumer preferences is not blindly lower price, but gradually on the rise, lipstick category is undergoing price escalation. So, in this society with rapid economic development, prices have already no longer is the most focus on consumers, consumers pay more attention to the high quality products, so the lipstick industry pricing strategy does not have to go, be specific problem specific analysis. More important is the quality of the lipstick.

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