Lipstick plant - China's lipstick market present situation analysis

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-27
Lipstick use method is simple, save the nursing time already, also can easily enjoy the beauty salon type of care, has become a category of cosmetic market is more and more active status. For modern fast-paced lifestyle, lipstick is easier to be accepted. With the development of the society, the environmental pollution is more and more serious, skin aging quickly, lipstick use frequency will be higher, cosmetics factory to resolve the current China's lipstick lipstick plant market and the trend in the future.

lipstick market is currently involved in the body of the basically has two kinds: one kind is a full range of cosmetics brand; Another kind is professional brand of lipstick. Lipstick industry pattern, if in single chip, can be divided into five categories: luxury goods, high quality products, standard, good and inexpensive products and low price products. Different brand positioning and target groups according to their own, choose to compete in different market segments. Such as the industry leading brand is beautiful, 25 - target population 30 years old, give priority to with young women, chosen for the high quality product and standard market; The blaze my beauty diary in recent years, locating in roughly 18 to crowd 24 years old, the young girl, more relaxed, not emphasizes the essence, prices reflect is different, belong to the type of cheap and fine.

may be the future trend of lipstick tend to be thin and disposable lipstick. Consumers are increasingly demanding for lipstick use feeling. Disposable lipstick this kind of products usually apply a thin layer on the face before going to bed, and was relieved from the washing procedure, quality is close to skin cream, cream type lipstick with whitening, moisturizing and soothing effect, and is especially suitable for summer air conditioning room or sports water shortage of skin after use, so it possesses the effect of the late frost and lipstick sleep lipstick.

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